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[Signing] Higgins re-signs for 4 years, $2.5M per

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Believe he's the one who said Higgy had an infection last yr as well - well before the public knew.

I don't like the term or limited NTC, but like the cap hit. 4 yrs for another 30 yr old is not my idea of a great contract. He's a great versatile player, but his underlying numbers have fallen through the floor this yr. They're really bad.

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Great deal if true. Higgins deserves it. I loved watching him play for this team. He busts his ass out there. I hope this is an attempt to secure a solid third line that features Higgins, who can also slot up to the second if need be.

I also wonder what becomes of Raymond if this is true. I mean, with the emrgence of Hansen, Raymond seems like the odd man out here.

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