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End of #21?


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Booth+Ballard will be gone, Raymond and (hopefully) Roy will stay. Rounds out our lineup more.

Sedins - finesse but not speedy.

Burrows+Kesler - a mix of speed and skill.

Kassian - becoming a power foward mold

Raymond - Speedy finesse player.

I think every top 6 needs that speedy guy.

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Won't miss him or his 16 points in 51 career playoff games (fail).

He's always been one of our most useless players in the playoffs.

Time to bring a true 2nd line winger onto the team this summer. Get rid of Booth + Raymond.

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Raymond is a fringe second line player who is soft and there are enough of those type players on the Canucks, and having him play on the second line just eats up a spot for Jensen. Which I'm not convinced that Jensen is a good fit to play with kesler but he brings a similar(ish) offensive component that Raymond does at an entry level contract

The third line is looking real set with wingers Higgins and Hanson, and Hanson is also due for a raise in after next year and will most likely be offered 2.5-3 mil.

I would honestly like to see Gaunce on the second or centering the third line next year given he's ready:

Sedin ---------- Sedin -------- Burrows

Gaunce/Roy - Kesler -------- Kassian

Higgins ------- Roy/Gaunce - Hansen

? --------------- Lappy --------- Weise

But either way, the realistic call is that the Canucks need better second line players, have to get rid of Booth, Ballard, and Luongo so they will have cap room for press boxers and Raymond just doesn't fit/ is less valuable than Hansen.

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It's the evolution of a hockey team, and a hockey player.

Throw Raymond on a young or rebuilding team like the Flames, he is a 1st liner, and a leader.

He has been through the ultimate in adversity and will set a great example.

He lives in Cochrane

I fully expect this to happen.

It's sad and I wish it didn't have to be like this.

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It's the end of Raymond. Even if they offload Ballard and Luongo somehow, there's no way to fit him under the cap and still fill out a roster.

Gillis cut him on his last contract. Raymond is having a decent year and this is his only chance to cash out. He'll easily get more than Higgins and as a UFA will probably get 3.5 million+ from someone. Canucks can't match that.

He would have to take a real hometown discount.

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Other GMs are not stupid, u think the GMs out there will throw 3.5 millon to Mason Raymond? Let Raymond tests his free agent market, he will find out very quickly that he is not worth a penny more than our team is willing to pay him. Of course, if skating fast along the board counts for points, then sure, gives him 4 or 5 millions coz he is good at that.

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Raymond is playing well enough that the team should consider re-signing him.

His production for this season puts him on a par with what he did in 09 - 10. He could likely be re-signed for a similar amount as he did in 10 - 11.



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