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Lu tweet thread

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Why does Lu keep reading the crap in this town.

Maybe he just thinks its funny at this point.

But he shouldn't be giving guys like Gallagher or Botchford the time of day. It just makes them think that they're actually relevant.

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Yeah anything that is negative or critical about Luongo, or isn't showering him with praise for being so classy or a consummate professional, or isn't hailing him as an elite goaltender is non-relevant crap.

Everything Botch/Gallagher write is irrelevant crap. Not just about Lu.

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If twitter were around(or an equivalent) back in the day, what would Beliveau, Lafleur, Bossy, or Lemieux do? I bet they'd shut up & play. The silence sort of added to the mystique of talents like the Bure, Lafontaine & Yzerman types. Probably many of the 'younger generation' are happy to see players embrace the technology. As a gm, not sure I'd be so enthused to see my players using things like twitter. Maybe in a quiet, non-traditional market, it may have it's merits to promote the game?...The old Confucious expression that,"A closed mouth catches no flies", seems a fit.

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Regarding NHL twitter rules:

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The NHL is cracking down on the use of Twitter by its players. No tweeting will be allowed from two hours before game time until after the post-game interviews are done.

The new policy, which took effect yesterday, allows the league to discipline players for social media comments seen as damaging to the league, specific teams, or the game of hockey in general.

Pro athletes seem to have a knack for tweeting comments that get them in trouble.

NBA player Hasheem Thabeet got in trouble for tweets he sent about a fellow passenger on an airplane. The large man needed two seats; the basketball player lost his aisle seat as a result and shared his outrage with the world.

NFL running back Larry Johnson sent out a tweet that seemed to defy the conventions of grammar and logic. However, it did clearly contain a homophobic slur.

Players tweeting their complaints about refs and officials seems to be a common theme across sports leagues.

Chad Ochocinco probably takes the cake when it comes to outlandish tweets. There’s really not enough room here to relay the NFL player’s wisdom, so just google his name; he’s an interesting human being.

Phoenix Coyotes player Paul Bissonnette has told the Globe and Mail he approves of the NHL’s new social media policy, while Michael Grabner with the New York Islanders says he doesn’t think it will have much of an impact on players or their tweeting habits.

Since various NHL teams such as the Kings are using twitter to troll other teams' fanbases, it's safe to say that the NHL has a relatively open policy with regards to tweets. Doubtful they'd have a problem with Luongo's tweets. Gillis has already said he has no problem with Luongo's twitter account. They both laugh about it.

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I sure hope someone doesn't Hertl my feelings tomorrow.... #YES #NAILEDIT

Hope lui bends hertl and the sharks over and absolutely spanks them.... LUUUUUU

death to the sharks... I think they are my new #1 hated team.

Hawks and bruins can be 2 and 3. KILL EM LUI KILL EM!!!!

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