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[Report] 3 teams very interested in Jagr.

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So overpay for Jagr who had how many goals over 22 playoff games....

oh right... NONE.

how many hits?

a whopping 9

how many blocked shots?

just 3? only 3 blocked shots playing big minutes over 22 playoff games?

NO to Jagr.

someone said signing Jagr would make up for Gillis' UFA failure.... you are a ???? moron. seriously, people like you idiots need to donkey punch yourselves and jump off a bridge... please just die.... for the love of all the real fans that have some kind of real education about the business of hockey. gun barrell. in your mouth. pull the trigger. :towel:

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Jagr with the Sedins would frustrate every team in the league. They would be very difficult to stop. He is great along the boards and in the cycle game.

He can both make plays and finish if necessary. The Sedins haven't had this quality of line mate since ever.

Even when they had Sundin he only played on the power play a little bit with them.

Canucks should go after Jagr. Maybe 2 mil base salary with 3 million in bonuses.

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