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Anyone seen Chad LaRose? Let Carolina know

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Anyone seen Chad LaRose? Let Carolina know:

One of the more interesting free agents available this summer is Carolina forward Chad LaRose.

While the Hurricanes may have wanted to keep in the fold, they’re not sure how to get a hold of him.


Luke DeCock of the Raleigh News & Observer notes in his column on LaRose that he seems to have just disappeared without so much as a phone call or a “Dear John” letter.

His contract with the Hurricanes expired June 30. He didn’t show up for his end-of-season exit interview, according to Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford. He has not been reachable through multiple phone or text messages this summer.

If his own team is having trouble reaching him, teams that may have been interested in the unrestricted free agent are likely having similar luck. DeCock notes LaRose’s career is apparently ending the way it started: Out of the blue.

At 31 years-old he’s likely got a few more years of game in him if he wants to play. Considering he’s fallen off the grid he might just be done with the game.


So, he is unreachable by phone or text. Canes tried contacting him, he didn't show up for his exit interview either. It'll be odd to see him retiring at the age of 31.

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I always liked him as a player. Seems like his game really fell off last year. Maybe he's become unglued or better yet maybe he's just vacationing at the cabin and did something unthinkable like throw his god damn phone in the lake. Cause you all know we can't live without phones.

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Very strange. Why wouldn't he wanna play for Carolina or any NHL team.. Guess he's enjoying his summer and doesn't

Give an eff about anything. Larose is straight up bad ass. Gillis, find him and sign this bad mother effer

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