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Where to buy Star Trek stuff in Vancouver?

Miss Korea Bob.Loblaw

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OP translation:

"Guys, i just discovered star Trek from the new movies, and I realized that i LOVE TNG and I NEED to consume as much paraphernalia as I can get my grubby little hands on"

Also, i would think that if you were to head to your local comic book store they should have some stuff.

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Also TNG was the best series by a light year.

I still watch old episodes on dvd. not season 7 though.

Friend's birthday. Loves TNG. Don't want to burn too much cash.

you're about 15 years too late. i don't know if they have TNG paraphenalia anymore. Back then it was easy - action figures, shuttlecrafts, mini borg cubes.. then there was the stuff you could get at the conventions, bellis fair and the star trek experience down in the las vegas hilton too. how about checking out the creation website and the next time there's a convention in town where one of the TNG actors is one of the headliners? marina sirtis and brent spiner were in at the pne for the star trek exhibit last year? 2 years ago? dang.. now i'm looking at tng stuff.. here's a site: http://shop.startrek.com/the-next-generation/index.php?v=startrek_shop-by-series_TNG the wesley bobblehead looks hilarious.

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Big Pete's Collectables on the North Shore, big comic book type store, tones of figurines, shirts, games etc. It's also only a 10 minute walk from the seabus.

edit: description from their site

We have just recently moved to our new location at 123 Lonsdale Ave...Just a few doors down from our old location. Look for the new large white awning!!! We carry a huge variety of items. Comics, Action figures, statues, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, CCG's, Board & Card Games, T Shirts, Sideshow collectible, Star Wars, Star Trek, Adventure Time & Pop figures. The list goes on and on. We have been in business on the North Shore since 1991.


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