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Opinion needed - which one looks best?


Which Jade Statue should I get?  

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Gonna buy a Jade Sculpture for display in our house. Just trying to figure out which one. I've narrowed it down to 7 that both fit my budget and caught my eye. I do have a couple favorites within this group, but to prevent the results from being influenced, I'll keep that to myself for now.

1. 2 Fish

2. 1 Fish

3. Black/White Landscape

4. Green/orange Treescape

5. Green/white/black mountainscape with men

6. green circle treescape

7. 3D mountainscape


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7 is my favourite, 3 is the next best. I do not like either of the fish at all. Just not a fan of that green colour in the slightest.

The reason I like 7 is because of the intricate uses of all the different colour ranging from the White, Light green, darker green, and black - not to mention the detail on the buildings and trees.

To each their own, that's just my fav. :)

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