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Top 15 NBA Players of the 2000s #5

people please

Whos Number 5  

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And Number 4 is ...

Allen Iverson !!!!

1) Kobe Bryant

2) Tim Duncan

3) Shaquille O'Neal

4) Allen Iverson

Also Chris Webber has been added to this poll

Voting LeBron James 4x NBA MVP ,10x All-Star, 2x Champ, 2x Finals MVP, Rookie of the Year and NBA Scoring Champ its LeBron James pretty self explanatory

Nominating Vince Carter 8x All-Star Rookie of the Year and perhaps the Greatest Dunker in NBA history gotta be here

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Voting Dirk Nowitzki

Nominating Vince Carter.

Dirk revolutionized the game of basketball making the stretch 4 something that has become a common piece on most NBA teams. Has never had the same supporting cast as most of the members on this list, yet has been to 12 all star games and on the all nba first team 4 times. Is on pace to become just the fourth player ever to score 30,000 points while being a top 30 rebounder of all time. Only others are guys you may have heard of by the names of Wilt Chamberlain, Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

This is a great article to help support my case and actually helped open my eyes to how great he is:


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It's gotta be K.G. for me, he put up some of his best numbers in the early 2000's.

No way should LeBron's Championships and Finals MVP's be included in this discussion, and he only has one of his four MVP's (2009) and five All-Star nominations in this era (2000-09). Of course he's still a superstar at this point, but even until the 2009 playoffs which was his last playoffs in his first time around with Cleveland, he wasn't the closer who could bring the team to glory. For these reasons I would not count him as #5 and I really hope that everyone else would keep this in consideration.

Nominating Ben Wallace (Accomplishments (1999-2000 - 2008-2009): 4x All-Star, 4x DPOY, 5x All-NBA, 6x All-Defense, 1x Champion, 2x Rebounding Champion). Either Big Ben or Tony Parker.

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