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Should Ference be Suspended for his hit on Kassian?

Should Andrew Ference be suspended for his hit on Zack Kassian?  

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May as well expand the poll to ask how many games.

I'd say 5 games or so. Largely because it looks like it was an intentional head shot. It doesn't look like he just tried to hit in and accidentally hit him in the head. It looks like he intentionally rose his arm up to Kassian's head.

Also, Ference has already been suspended twice before. He was suspended on January 22, 2012 for 3 games in a boarding incident and again on May 3rd, 2013 with Boston for a headshot on Grabovski for 1 game.

Given his history and the intentional nature of the hit, I'd say 5 games is sufficient.

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As per NHL policy, Kassian will be suspended for three games.

"Upon further review Zack lines his head up with Ference's shoulder to put himself in the dangerous position. Add to these facts that Zack went down WAY too easily and that there was no injury on the play and so the DBS (Department of BS Statements) has determined that there's no supplemental discipline for Ference...

and three games for Zack Kassian for embellishment."


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I was right on the button with the Burrows suspension... I say this one is 2-3 games. It is a direct hit from the front where Kassian isn't in as vulnerable position. Kassian pops back up again right afterwards.

On the other hand, it was way more directly contact with the head than the Burrows hit. If Ference had no history he would be getting anywhere from a fine or a 1 game suspension. Because he has a history they bump it up.

The fact that it is Edmonton who has been terrible so long will probably play into it a little, they will probably choose 2 games rather than 3 just to not pile on to a team that continues to suck by taking their captain out.

Ference sure did come across like a douche in the post game interview though. He had a smirk on his face and just kept saying it was a clean hit to the body (he had to know everyone had seen a dozen replays of it by that point). He should have done what every other player does and just say "I haven't seen the replays, I meant to hit him right in the logo and from my perspective I think that is what I did."

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