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Do we make the playoffs? Yes or No


Do we make the playoffs  

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If the healthy guys coming back can play with the same fire the AHL team we are skating out there does, I think we can be pretty dangerous and make the playoffs. We have a solid shot of actually surprising some people, and I for one am very excited about the direction this team is trending in.

If we keep improving and adding solid roster picks, it's only a matter of time!

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The 88% vote shocks the hell out of me. I thought it would be 50/50.

I voted "NO". A few days ago I would have disagreed.

What I will say is... if we do indeed miss the playoffs, it's not a case of "Oh well, they weren't expected to make them anyways". BS!

I hope no one spews that crap. With the roster the Canucks dressed, and spending to the cap, they should have damn well made the playoffs. Miller? Vrbata? Dorsett? Bonino All new signings/acquisitions. Sedins? Burrows? Hamhuis? Edler? Bieksa? You don't do the moves that Benning did off-season unless you plan to not only make the playoffs but go to round 2 or beyond.

Benning/Linden said at the start that their goal is to be a consistant Top 8 team (eg round 2 of the playoffs). They know that in order for them to sell out tickets, they need to make round 2. Round 1 doesn't cut it.

Also important to note, Canucks haven't missed the playoffs 2 years in a row in over 15 years since the 99-00 season. So missing 2 years in a row, I am not going to let the management brush it off with some silly "Exciting push! We almost made it. But we finished 17th and get a terrible draft pick now in the deepest draft ever".

Bottom line is, finishing 17th is the worst case scenario this year. Toronto is in a better situation than us... and to think... we are laughing at them.

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Not only do we make the playoffs, we will make the SCF. We got 4 great lines when healthy, we got depth up front and on the back line. Lack will play unreal and prove that he's a starter. It'll be great to be underdogs because we'll surprise the teams that take us lightly. This is a team of destiny. I BELIEVE.

Bump. I said this back in February and I meant it. Prophetic words, no?

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