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Trade Deadline Favorite Memories

S N Y P E R S 7

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Sigh... the memories... laughable trade deadline wins and losses...

My favorite memory:

Last year - SO MUCH KESLER TALK, all the Kesler interest; I was literally on the edge of my seat deciding whether he should go to Minnesota or Detroit - a million different possibilities running through my head... and then nothing happened. Whatever, man, I was still excited. Those moments when you have someone on the block like that and are hoping to see him bring in a return, those are the times...

What are your favorite :canucks: trade deadline memories?

And I mean memories that would make you want to kiss the person who alerted you of the trade...


Not memories that... uh...



Yeah.... no, not those.

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I didn't like the timing of that trade. That could have been an off season trade as we needed an immediate impact during the cup run and at that point, Hodgson was more accomplished or we could have potentially acquired a more impactful immediate player

no better time to move a soft liability and acquire a playoff stud like Pahlsson.

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Personal memory. The draft in Vancouver, when Bettman announced that Tanguay got traded to Calgary. Everyone in the arena gasped, Bettman mockingly went, "ooooh..." Everyone booed him, I yelled, "shut the **** up!"

I was sitting up on the balcony to the right of the stage under the "Welcome to Vancouver Roberto Luongo" I later found out from a friend that her husband heard me from the press area on the draft floor.

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