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Millionaires jerseys?


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I think i saw that they are wearing them march 26 vs colorado


Canucks fans will have to wait for Mar.26 game vs Colorado to see Millionaires jerseys up close and personal.



Also, just for fun.

Jeff Paterson


Linden said #Canucks looked at flying skate for Pat Quinn night, but couldn't make it happen. But hinted may see it in near future


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AGREE '94 jerseys would be awesome for Pat Quinn night but just wondering if they are kind of thinking for some GREEN to be worn because it is St Pat's day as well . . . Mixed feelings on the colour for sure.

It will be an emotional night regardless. Not sure if you ever had the chance to meet him but he is an unbelievable person. Can honestly say that I have never met anyone that has more patience then he does.

ONE DAY, we will will a CUP for him . . AND I bet U, they will put his name on it.

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I try not be superstitious but I seriously never want the canucks to never wear the jersey as it seems like a clear bad luck charm.

I mean we get shellacked the first time we wore them against detroit and it was a key game. Then last year we lost Lu, daniel got injured and we lost the game.

Who knows, maybe things change on March 26th.

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