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Pray hard that Calgary retakes and remains on the third spot in the division


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I don't know if anyone has noticed, but we're not exactly walking on the Flames these days.

The only benefit i see in facing them as opposed to LA or Anaheim is that the Sedins can still put up points against them.

Still a far more advantageous circumstance than facing LA. They're not a team you'd wanna mess with in the playoffs. And just as you mentioned, Sedins will have much more room against Calgary to move the puck and cycle down low and that's a pretty big component to our offensive game.

lol, Calgary doesnt have to try to hard, in fact if Anaheim beats LA in regulation tonight Calgary regains their position due to ROW lol

Yup, the ROW situation plus the fact that 8/13 of LA's remaining games are vs playoff teams, while only 4/12 of Calgary's are, gives Calgary a pretty big advantage, although they'll still have to play well..

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Better hope your team doesn't share your attitude

lol, Im confident Calgary will fight to the end, its been a heck of a season. Would love to see CGY/VAN and WPG in the playoffs this year.....wish Edmonton were in the hunt too. Nonetheless Vancouver is my preferred first round matchup, actually SJ was but I think that ship has sailed. Hoping we can have an epic clash in the first round this year.

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