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Stretcher brought into canucks dressing room, burrows taken to hospital by ambulance


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As per team 1040. Reports are outside medical staff is been seen rolling a stretcher into the canucke dressing room a few minutes ago. No word on who is in need of this medical attention.

Edit: looks like burrows was carried out on a stretcher. Linden making announcement

So far, statement made is that he is taken to hospital for precautionary reasons and sustaining upper body injury

Also made a statement saying that it is not life threatening, and it is due to injury not a medical emergency

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Farhan Lalji@FarhanLaljiTSN 9m9 minutes ago
A stretcher just went to #canucks room. Still no sign of Burrows

Mark SpectorVerified account@SportsnetSpec

All players have left arena, but Burrows. EMT,s in VAN room. We're monitoring.

Burrows' eyes were open as he was loaded into ambulance #Canucks

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I'm confused. Is an injury not a medical situation?

Maybe a sprained leg from a fall, not a heart attack or concussion. (This was meant as an example that it wasn't life threatening!!!)

Apparently Burr clutched his wrist and yelled "help!"

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