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Trade for Kessel

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We can't score

He can score

Against Chara and the Bruins in playoffs:

Kessel: 4 goals and 2 assists in 2012

Sedins combined: 2 goals and 2 assists in 2011

Throw away Kessel's stats for this past season...they suck

In the three previous seasons Kessel is top 10 in scoring and top 5 in goals

Any stock trader will tell you to buy low

Kessel is at an all time low right now

Kessel will rip it up next year...especially if he is traded

While you guys flame away at me remember all the goals we haven't scored against Calgary, San Jose, LA and Boston in our last 4 playoff series...Kessel can score

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No. We'd never trade for Kessel. It doesn't make any sense to trade for a 35 goal scorer, who has a huge ass contract, and will likely be a distraction in the dressing room. Not to mention the fact, that they'd likely want one of Horvat or Virtanen included in the trade, which would just set us back longer.

Also, the reasons for Kessle having more points against Boston in 2012 than the Sedins in 2011 is:

- Kessel hadn't been apart of a playoff team for a long time, so he was more 'hungrier' than the

- Easier to score in the Eastern Conference

- The TML played Boston in the first round of the playoffs, so they had way more energy than our Canucks who player Boston in the 4 round of the playoffs.

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Phil Kessel with his attitude and gross contract is a short sell.

Nuckin_Futz Securities downgrades Kessel to a strong sell rating.

Ghosts ranks Kessel as junk bonds, and says the stock is worthless. TML Enterprises should be trading him to Arizona for picks.

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While we have had trouble scoring, it's as much been about giveaways resulting in goals as it has our low goal totals. I don't know if you've noticed, OP, but Kessel would result in more goals scored against than he would for.

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