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How to be popular/not a loner¿?

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Wait, this guy isn't your dupe? I've been lied to.

Of course not. Why would I have a dupe? I have my account back now.

Ask your friends sister out, but ask him to sign a permission slip first.


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Tell everyone at school that you were the one who made that epic post on CDC about you flooding up your crush's toilet and that you really didn't have any other place to find info.


Tell everyone that you are really 'clutch' IRL.

People will automatically know that you're a legend online and therefore, a legend off-line.

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Currently in Gr11 and having the time of my life, so people saying its not significant are lying. Sure High school does not define your whole life, but at the same time the memories you will make you will have forever.

Being popular isn't easy, it's not something that you can just be. Someone said that being popular is like being funny you either are, or you aren't and that is 100 percent on the mark. In order to be popular you have to fit into numerous social groups and have various activities you do which connect you to other people. I am dedicated to soccer and fitness but also enjoy to party and do stupid things with my friends, I'm not saying you have to be athletic or drink/smoke to have friends but having a common ground of things you enjoy to do will help you meet a lot of people you genuinely get along with.

Everything comes down to confidence, living it up in the moment, and not caring what people think, but don't be someone you're not because that never ends out well for anyone.

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  • 3 years later...

3 years later, going into grade 12 and having the time of my life in high school.. crazy how things changed so quick. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this, looking back at my original post and it’s so embarrassing I wish i didn’t post this, but i’m kind of glad I did. Thanks CDC.

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