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Me and NPF have a agreed to a trade. Posting it here. I'm sure G will implement it keep it in his track record. Anyways, here it is..

To NPF: Julian Edelman, 3rd round pick next year

To TRR: Keenan Allen, Donte Moncrief, 1st round pick next year

..had no intention whatsoever to trade Jules. NPF (username self explanatory) messaged and gave an offer I couldn't refuse. In the short term, I'll likely lose as all Pats rely on is Jules and Gronk. Jules is due for another 100 reception, 1000 yard year and will haul in an easy 6 TDs. If this league holds up, I'm hopeful in the next 2 years this will pay dividends for me.

As much as this trade is one I had to accept, absolutely hate to be letting go of Jules :(

I overpaid for sure, but ..

it's Minitron :wub:

It'll be a lot more fun now to watch Patriots games with both Brady and Edelman.

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First Round Bidding Results

Carson Palmer: canuckfan_21($21)

CJ Fiedorowicz: Nail ($4)

Erick Decker: NucksPatsFan ($25)

CJ Spiller: NucksPatsFan ($75)

Tony Romo: Eli Manning ($88)

Money Remaining

NucksPatFan- $50
Madness- $100
Tony Romo- $12
gmen81- $100
Calvin's Johnson- $100
Nail- $96
TheRussianRocket- $100
canuckfan_21- $79
King Heffy- $100
Jiggs50- $50

Round 2 nominees

Joseph Randle(RB)
Teddy Bridgewater(QB)
Robert Griffin III(QB)
Ryan Matthews(RB)
Knile Davis(RB)

Bids have to be in by Thursday Morning

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Are people who nominated allowed bidding too? Ex: I nominated Randle, am I allowed bidding in round 2?

Yes of course. When I nominate someone it's most likely some guy I want to bid on.

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Would have liked him on my team a lot. Manning would have been a nice option but that's a crazy overpayment IMO.

Oh for sure. Now he has $12 to fill 3 roster spots.

Also gonna be interested to see what people bid in this round.

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Bid half my budget on Spiller because I really needed RB depth, and know that Spiller is going to have a huge year catching out of the backfield now that Brees' security blanket is in Seattle.

Didn't expect to get Decker at only $25, but hey, more WR trading chips.

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Overbid me for Palmer by $1.

Absolutely shocked I managed to get Palmer for 21$

Thought he would go for alot more than that, but I guess most people were putting the big money on Eli maybe?

Thank god Bryce Petty isn't starting on my team anymore

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