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[PTO] Scottie Upshall with Blues

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According to Eklund:

There are tryouts and there are tryouts, but one player I truly believe will land himself a job via tryout is Scottie Upshall who is headed to St Louis on a tryout. Upshall is exactly the kind of speed and heart from which the Blues, and several other teams for that matter, can benefit.

Upshall always plays like he is shot out of a cannon and Hitchcock knows this well from his time in Philly. When a team needs energy there is no better player. I can totally see Upshall and Schwartz working well together and I know the Blues weren't the only team eyeing Upshall.

Scottie also can score goals and get under the opponents skin in a way that the Blues need to get by teams like the Wild, Hawks, and Preds...

My biggest question on Upshall is if another team jumps in and offers him a contract first after seeing him play in the preseason. This is the kind of player contenders grab all the time to solidify their lineup. The only reason Upshall isn't signed yet is his injury issues in the past of course...all of which are very much in the past at this point according to sources.


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If not for all his injuries, he would have been a decent second/third line player. He only has one 82 game season under his belt, which he split between Arizona and Columbus.

If you look back at his early years,

05-06 48gp - 24pts

06-07 32gp - 16pts

07-08 61gp - 30pts

08-09 74gp - 34pts

09-10 42gp - 32pts

13-14 76gp - 37pts

If he had just stuck with a team and didn't get injured, he could be a great middle-6 player. Like Cogliano or Higgins. Just has to stay healthy. Being on a team like St Louis wouldn't hurt. He's been playing for bottom feeders his whole career.

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His biggest problem was that he was getting too much jake ($'s) in Florida.

He'll stick IMO.

St Louis or somewhere else...

Seems like a Red Wing kinda pick up to me. They have a long history of extending good players careers in depth roles. (Good players careers in general)

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