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Team CDC: FIFA Edition


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Team CDC will take the popular fantasy hockey game and attempt to transfer it onto the pitch!

Our team will be composed of a starting 11, around 6 substitutes, and a few roster roster in the reserves, who will play mostly exhibition/cup matches. That means around 17-22 people can join. This number can be extended for more people to join but it will make for even tougher competition in playing time. We will run a 4 - 3 - 3 formation (A GK, 4 defenders, 3 mids, and 3 attackers). See the updated post below.

We will compete in a "super" league against some of Europe's best in a 38 game season in a race for the title.

This is very much a game in the "beta" stages, so it will run for one season. Depending on how it goes, I may look to evolve it into a game where we start from the bottom of the English league and attempt to rise 3 divisions and ultimately win the BPL title.

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1. Kazmanian Devil

2. thejazz97

3. TheRussianRocket

4. BaerOxHitman

5. Gally

6. JE14

7. OurTimeToShine

8. Jagermeister

9. Lil B From The Pack

10. milk and honey

11. Vrienzy

12. Zfetch

13. Spoderman

14. MikeyBoy44

15. Caboose

16. logic

17. Dion Phaneuf

18. UMB

19: Captain Woodget

20. Nail3738

21. Tanev

22. F.Underwood

23. Mr. Quacks

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I'll probably allow all 22 players or so to be around the same OVR/given the same amount of OVR points to spend. FIFA 16 allows pre-season tournaments with a great amount of substitutions so I'm going to give everybody a shot in the 3-4 games and determine the starting 11 like that. I figure not much incentive for somebody to say "in as a reserve player" when there's likely not a whole lot of playing time for them afterwards. This method will make it a bit competitive and will challenge people strategically to make a good pro and choose their points wisely. I'll also allow for everybody to choose one 5 star ability for their pro (weak foot or skill moves) as well.

I'm going to use traditional 4-3-3 so our three mids will simply be CMs. But if you'd rather make your guy a defensive mid or attack mid, that's fine. Same for wingers who would rather be LF/LM/RM/RF playing in the RW/LW positions. Formation can be changed if we slump. It could be as simple as 4-3-3 to 4-5-1/4-2-3-1 (wingers move back as midfielders) or something completely different.

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Can we have multiple positions

Sure. I believe when I make the pros, it'll prompt me to input secondary positions. I'll have to make sure but since I can control the formation I can always just play people in their secondary position if necessary.

I guess my only limitation is to ask everybody to keep it somewhat realistic. Outfield players won't have goalie as their secondary position, CBs won't double as wingers, strikers won't be CDMs (insert Rooney joke) etc.

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