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CDC In Your House: Predka Boyz

Lil B From The Pack

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A first of its kind activity on CDC. This will be a one night only CDC PPV featuring a 6 match card consisting of random CDC members who'll face each other in matches simulated using WWE 2K16.


Each participant will have custom entrance themes and the matches will be uploaded on either Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion. (Depending which service is less anal about copyright and all that.)


I must warn you, this may end up being very hilarious.


Match card:


Match 1:

Cruiserweight Championship Match

"Rentboy" Tom Sestito vs "Mr. Man U" The Russian Rocket

Match 2:

CDC Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Wild Sean Monahan, and Tigs vs Spoder HG and BOH

Match 3:


Match 4:

CDC Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Hatedkid vs Jazz

Winner faces Dank Memes Champion Spoder HG in a title unification match at the next event.

Match 5:

Winner Takes All 6 Man Elimination Chamber Tag Team Match

The "Hounds of Pain" Twilight Sparkle, Apples, Shiznak vs "The Predka Boyz" AV, Kaz, and X (Lil B )




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well here's my rundown of how the ppv will go

i believe tom sestito (TS Lite) has this one in the bag. russianrocket doesn't stand a chance here.

the tables match should be a good one. i love bassi and i love aladeen, but bassi goes to school and ****. he's so used to writing on tables, i'm sure he can put a body through a table. don't count out a hungry student

if anyone needed a pee break/get popcorn, look no further than horvat's open challenge, which, apparently is a buried alive match. whoever's booking this thing wants someone buried. don't tell triple h!

we have a tag team match. pitting a GM league against another. we have the "overlords" PK and caboose against the jabronis, mash and spoderman. the overlords take this one. they're booked so heavily going in to this ppv, it would make no sense for them to lose here

championship match between hatedkid and jazz. how these guys are fighting for the championship, i'll never know. there's very little charisma between the two. i'll go with jazz winning it. why not

the main event, which this match should be in the main event. it's a stacked line up. you have the hounds of pain! against 3 guys i don't really know. my pick is TS apples and shiznak to take it. there's too much star power for them to lose



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