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Gstank29 vs Tom Sestito Rap Battle

Lil B From The Pack

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when i go in with these motherfkn bars

my english teacher gives me a golden star

but hey, let's talk some real ish gstank

nevermind. i don't mess with skanks

that's right bitch, all you ever be is a phony

at least that's according to wilfried bony

ya bitch take that soccer reference

i be spittin this fire, that's the difference

so concerned with gettin cdc reps

probably explains ur lack of biceps


**chorus/outro repeats 3x and fades into blackness**

gstank, how's drivin a 92 camry?

i mean like, have you even popped a cherry?





did i wreck or did i wreck

meek vs drake here we go

testing waters to see if he actually responds

in which case 



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