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The big what IF's of 2015-16 Nuck's Season


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What IF Sutter did not miss out on 31 games with a hernia? What IF we didn't hit 4+ posts in overtime games, What IF Hamhuis didn't take that puck to the face? What IF Willie Desjardin's wasn't our coach....? What if.... Just what if.... Sutter is the glue to our team...

I'll Start with the first one; Sutter missing 31 games. In Brandon's short time so far, our record is 7-4-5 with him in the lineup. Our F/O% was #1, our PK was top 3, we were in the top 5 for goals for and top 10 in goals against. He put up 4g 4a and a +2 in 16 games. Our PP had 7 GF and our PK had 8 GA... Not too bad at all in a 16 game span..... Where would we be... IF he didn't miss all that time?

Without Sutter in the lineup: 12W-13L-7OTL  GF: 62  GA: 89   PPGF: 19    PPGA: 22   F/O: 45.1%(30th)    PP: 17.1% (23rd)   PK: 80.1%(17th)

We have been struggling greatly without Sutter in the lineup, in half as many games we scored 18 less goals with him in the lineup (44 GF), we allowed only 39GA with him in, as opposed to 89 without him. Our PP has capitalized 19 times in 31 games and our PK has allowed 22 GA in 31 games. We had 7 PPG in 16 games and 8 PPGA with him. There has been two times where we allowed PPGA in consecutive games the first one was a 6 game streak where the opposition scored 8 times on the PK and we went 1-4-1 in that period of time. The second streak was a 7 game streak where we allowed 8 goals on the PK, we went 2-3-2. With him returning and Hank shortly after, we can really get things going in the right direction, now with Horvat/Baertschi and Vey/Etem showing some chemistry and bringing more speed we have the potential to be a sleeper pick in the playoffs...

A startling stat is that we have the WORST overtime PP to PK differential in the league.... We have a -7:45 PP to PK time in overtime, our only PP was 14 seconds long. The next worst PP to PK time in OT is -4:44. We have spent 3:01 more on the PK in OT than the next team.... The majority of teams have a differential of less than 1 min PP to PK time in OT.

Despite being the 6th most PP rewarded team, we are also the 9th most penalized team. 152 PP to 151 PK's... SO really, we aren't all that rewarded as you might think when you hear "Vancouver gets the most PP opportunities" it really evens out. Calgary has a +77:28min PP to PK difference, where as we have a +6:41 difference... yes...thats right... CGY has 71 more minutes of PP time than Vancouver....

Second is Willie Desjardins.... What IF he was not our coach? Where would we be? I believe we would be in a much worse situation and would be sellers for sure at TDL. He has taken a banged up team with a handful of rookies and managed to keep within 12 points of 1st in the Pacific, where LAK have been healthy and haven't had the magnitude of injuries that we have sustained, CGY has had a pretty health season for the most part and are struggling mightily, ANA was a cup contender/favorite before the season began and they have the most pitiful GF and are not in a playoff spot at this point in time. So really, if you want to look at WD as the issue, you might want to think again... We could have a much worse record.... Our roster is inexperienced and is still missing a top 6 FWD and a top 4 D which have been out for quite some time.

Lastly, Hamhuis... What IF he didn't take that Boyle slap shot to the face.... Without Hammer, we have gone 8-6-3 scoring 31 GF and 47 GA. Our powerplay has scored 5 times and our PK has allowed 11 goals. Not a bad record, but could possibly have been better or yet a blessing in disguise. Hamhuis wen't down and Biega stepped up and has given us an absolute solid performance night in and night out, which in turn, has lead to the disappearance of Weber!

This team is just starting to heat up with our middle 6 FWD's and we still do not have a full roster, what if...We are able to stay healthy from here until playoffs.... Henrik returns, Sutter returns, Hamhuis returns, and the team really starts to heat up and click and get health just at the right time..... What if... We go on another run, just at the right time.... 



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What IF we get a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft?

What IF we can trade a couple of vets on expiring contracts at the deadline for additional high picks and/or prospects?

What IF we can sign a solid free agent forward or defenceman?

What's happened injury wise is something all teams go through. Our problem is not injuries but the lack of quality depth. Thinking about what-ifs is a waste of energy. I prefer to focus on the future.

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All that matters this year is youth and development. We have Horvat, McCann, Baer, Virtanen, Hutton and now Etem coming along nicely, and Vey might even develop into something of value. Then depending on what moves are made at the deadline, Vrbata, Hammer, Prust and hopefully Miller, we should have some nice picks in the 2016 draft and cap space heading into free agency,which should all put us in a great position for next year. So this year is all about next year.

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7 hours ago, slickjim23 said:

Losing games is a good thing now. If you want the Canucks to win a cup in the future, you should support tanking, rather than making 'what if' excuses as to why they are bad.

Doesn't make any difference to the team's performance.  Hope for whatever outcome you want. 

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7 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

What if... the Canucks had won the cup back in 2011?

The coaching staff, players, everything would be different.

There would not have been a riot.  And we would not have wasted $10 mil prosecuting the offenders.

What if I was living in Edmonton?  I'd be 'supporting' the Coilers.  (shudder)

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