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Canuck 'All Name' Team

Tre Mac

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A light hearted topic where we post our favorite Canuck names of all time.


I'll start :  


G - Alfie Michaud

D - Enrico Ciccone

D - Garth Butcher

F - Vladimir Krutov

F - Lubimor Vaic

F - Mario Bliznak



I've seen worse topics started, and my brief search did not yield a similar thread.  I am also megabored with about 5hrs. left at work.


Here is list of every Canuck to play:


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2 minutes ago, hatedkid666 said:

Victor Oreskivich 

You stole mine :P 


G - Dan Cloutier

D - Marek Malik

D - Lukas Krajicek

F - Todd Bertuzzi

F - Magnus Arvedson

F - Victor Oreskovich



Can you guess which era I grew up in? :P 

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Great thread, thanks!


Pat "The big Irishman" Quinn

Harold Snepsts

Dave "Tiger" Williams

Jiri Bubla

Igor "The Professor" Larionov

Cesare "Hail Cesare" Maniago

Stan "Steamer" Smyl

Pavel "Russian rocket" Bure

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