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What Are You Listening To...Canadian Edition.

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1 hour ago, drummerboy said:

So you go for the one of the oldies?  Lol

good album, but they haven't even come close to their evolution at this point. 

Id put up Supporting Caste if I knew how.


You're damn right oldies. 


At some point so many members of a band leave that I lose interest. Call it evolution if you like, I call it you've lost your 3rd original band member, change your name. Propagandhi ceased being Propagandhi when Samson left, and to quote him: I don't even care any &^@#ing more. 


Also. if you're on Youtube, for example, copy the browser link, then paste it right in your comment.


This is the link to Supporting Caste:



If you copy/paste it it should turn into a video right away. I hit enter after hitting paste. Boom. Know how.

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On 2016-05-21 at 8:54 PM, gurn said:

I remember this one from elementary school.



Good Lord, I haven't heard this since about '64 -65. Always loved this, the born romantic that I am.

As a kid I thought this tune described  ultimate love, even if in a tragic way.

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Gary and Dave had a number of big hits in the early 70s..met them on numerous occasions ..Dave Beckett and Dave Weeks were also pilots and back in those days if the gigs were close they would fly their own plane to them..they both quit music in the late 70s and went on to be Air Canada pilots.....



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