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What Are You Listening To...Canadian Edition.

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A few of us think it might be a good idea to post Canadian tunes you are listening to, there are some great Canadian artists out there so its time to give them a little recognition,, even if the band isnt from Canada but has a Canadian member..that will work as well ..so without further ado...only Canada will do.


Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers were the first Canadian group signed by Berry Gordy and Motown records....they were previously known in town as Little Daddy and the Bachelors and included a young Tommy Chong ..before the Cheech days...








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Can't post youtube clips at work but a good little ditty by a local band is 'Lucky Ones' by Pride Tiger.  Used to get a lot of play on CFOX but I guess that band in now defunct.  Too bad, that was such a sweet party song.

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12 minutes ago, YEGCanuck said:

I still remember Billy Dixon and the New Breed a Vancouver based R & B band from 1970. Don't think they ever recorded with commercial success. There was also a couple of brothers from Burnaby that performed like a Canadian version of Sam and Dave.

Could it be the Collins Brothers..they were from Burnaby and their mother was a well known singer in the 60s-70s..Eleanor Collins...there was also 2 other brothers that sang back then..The Raible Brothers..they still do the odd gig around town for a kick.

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3 minutes ago, TimberWolf said:

Don't like the Biebs stuff but for some reason I can't get enough of:




I just tell myself it's because it was mixed by the same guy that did Nine Inch Nails stuff.


I don't even care what song this is, I could look at this all day.

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