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At the moment, I can't send any PM's.

A small pinkish box(sq.) appears and below the To: area it says I've entered an invalid recipient. I haven't. Cancelling and starting over doesn't work.

Also the name hints don't show up. This has never happened to me before with the PM.

@Beluga Whale can you send me a PM so I can see if I can receive them.

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2 minutes ago, JAY JAY said:

I've been able to receive and participate in a PM with BW.

A possible workaround is to have everyone PM me, and I can then sort out those who should receive a PM.

Everyone PMing me will keep those players secret.

I don't think that's ideal because some players may not show up until tomorrow or even later. 

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1 minute ago, Beluga Whale said:

Yeah I think there's something buggy about PMing right now because it's not giving the name suggestions for me either. 


You can probably send PMs by selecting the "message" option right on someone's profile. Make sure you switch to anonymous before doing that though haha.

Ya, I tried to PM you as a test.

I typed @bel and a name suggestion poped up  maverick@beantown

That's weird.

I will try the profile suggestion.

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