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1 hour ago, Where's Wellwood said:

That last game was hella draining for me. I'm just going to try to get over this cold. Next time.

That's too bad. At least you'll be able to work on your theme.

You're on deck, I believe.

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1 minute ago, JAY JAY said:

Geez JL, you're going to give me a complex by not playing when I host.:(

Don't feel bad about it Jay Jay... It's just that JL thinks you're a suckie host and doesn't like you on a very personal level, that's all. 

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20 minutes ago, Dr.Strangelove said:

Nope I'm back working and my desk is flooded  I just dont have the time sorry

That's too bad, but if you move out of that subterranean vault, you likely won't suffer from flooding again.

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I'd love to play again with the homies, but every time I play I get lambasted for activity. I've also having one of the best summers in a long time and just won't have the time anyway. 


Gonna have to pass :(


mucho love tho. 

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3 hours ago, HashtagNucks said:

I'll sign up after I get internet at home. Playing from just work and when I have Wifi clearly made me suspicious all on its own :P

Ok, it's your choice, but just playing the game makes you (and anyone) suspicious.

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