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(Proposal) CBJ-VAN BUF-VAN

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To CBJ: gaudette, stecher


To VAN: Anderson, 4th round pick 2020


Anderson has really struggled this season with only 1 goal on the year in 26 games, but he posted up 27 goals last year. He is the perfect package with hands, speed and size so he wouldn't come cheap.


To BUF: Baertschi, leivo


To VAN: Bogosian 


The money is about the same, but buf takes on the extra year of baertschi's deal. Bogosian brings size, compete and grit but hes often hurt. 














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I would love to snag Anderson. Not sure if gaudette should be included but that would be the type of player that would intrigue CBJ most.  With Ferland being a huge question mark, Anderson could be a great add. 

No real interest in Bogosian. 

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Props for some good proposals that are more even than most. 


I like that Columbus trade, but I still don't know if I would do it. We'd be giving up two young, cost controlled pieces that could be relatively cheap for next year with our cap crunch. It depends on what Anderson is looking on his next contract and how healthy he is as @Nuxfanabroad pointed out. Anderson and Horvat were teammates in London, so hopefully he could be a stable linemate for Horvat. 


The second trade doesn't work as well. Buffalo likely doesn't want Baertschi's contract and Leivo isn't a good enough piece to get them to take it considering he's a UFA this year. We're likely going to be stuck with Baertschi, even though I think he should be in the NHL still. 

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You have to give to get and even then Anderson is by far the most proven asset versus Gaudette. Stecher is a depth bottom pair d man so not a ton of value. I wouldn't want to give up Gaudette but Anderson would be a great addition to the team. I would prefer to try unload the smaller prospect in Madden if possible, even add a pick to the deal.


I would try Sven(with retention) and Stecher(2.325m) to Philly for Ghost (with retention)?

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No thx, Gaudette is younger, cheaper and is currently on pace to match Anderson's best year.


Now that offensive catalyst like Duchene and Panarin are gone, the dip in production for Anderson is concerning.  I don't see him sustaining the production he had in the past.  He could be a good addition for our bottom 6, but not at the expense of Gaudette.

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11 minutes ago, N7Nucks said:

I was on Gaudette for not being good enough early in the year, and even I give a hard no to the first deal. Straight up? Maaaaaaybe. But Stech and hockey Gaud is a hard no for me. And by extension makes the 2nd deal a no since we’d still have Stech. 

Hockey Gaud is showing just how good he is going to become.  He’s not going anywhere unless it’s for a top four (young with upside) D man. 

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