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Mafia! The Dark Tower: Game Over - Town Win!

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1 minute ago, Kryten said:








The Town has spoken! Qwags was found guilty of not being JE14, a grave crime indeed. He was unceremoniously fed to the Slow Mutants of the Wastelands.


Qwags, you may have last words.




The Glorious Aladeen stalks through the ruins of Lud, murder on his mind.


Negotiating the rubble of the fallen city, a soft buzzing brings his mind out of it’s lethal fantasies. The buzzing grows louder, now a piercing whine. Looking around, Aladeen catches sight of something shiny.


The quick-moving object reflects the blasted sun into his eyes blinding him. He never sees his adversary the Serial Killer, but he hears the sound their weapon makes as it bores through his chest.




The Mafia could not or would not act.




The Vigilante could not or would not act.




The Medkit was left outside during a starkblast and was destroyed.





1. Master Radishes

2. Zfetch - Mafia

3. Virtanen87

4. falcon45ca

5. Alain Vigneault

6. Aladeen Mafia

7. luckylager

8. Kurisu

9. Blue Jay 22

10. Otherwise

11. Naslund.is.king

12. Sane33

13. J-23

14. Qwags - Mafia

15. theJazz97

16. Carlutch98

Round 2 is now open

I’m a god.

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6 minutes ago, Alain Vigneault said:

Legit.loling.rn.  I should have busted your alliance when I had the chance.


I knew it was bait when you invited naslund.is.king and Qwags into it.

Bro why didn’t you say this earlier.

AV we accept you back.


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Just now, Virtanen87 said:

I knew zfetch, qwags and aladeen were mafia somehow, thats why Ininvited them to my alliance

lmao ok virt. Of &^@#ing course the SK takes out Aladeen. I never liked Mafia anyways.

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