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[Request] The Mental Health Piece from Tyler Motte

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It was a nice piece in SN’s behalf. Shows the true vulnerability of human beings no matter their social status or profession. In the end everybody is susceptible to mental health challenges. Motter is a grade ‘A’ guy and brave for what he did. Hope he stays a Canuck for a long time for a lot of reasons. 

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I am involved in a number of organisations that focus on mental health. As a person who has been clinically diagnosed as suffering from depression it is most important for me to help others and myself combat this disease. I originally used medication but have found I can now function without medication. 

I use my organisations as mechanisms to manage my condition and help others to do the same.

I work with https://walkntalkforlife.com.au/ and am the co ordinator for the group in my local area. We are a local community group who gathers once a month to walk in our local area and listen to our fellow walkers and allow them the opportunity to talk about anything they feel they need to speak about. There is no judgement and we dont try to fix problems, just offer support.

I also work for https://whitejacketeffect.com.au/ who are an organisation aimed to assist performance enhancement in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is full of individuals who are exposed to very difficult conditions ( long hours, low wages, drug and alcohol abuse and high stress situations) we are working to build better platforms for these people to function and thrive.


Lastly I have my website This Life List which I created on the back of an emotional breakdown. You can read about the story https://thislifelist.com/the-story/ this is my main focus to keep myself looking forward and not allowing myself to dwell in my own thoughts. It works well for me. Not everyone is the same and what works for me may not work for others.


Anyways thats a little about my story.

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Bravo Tyler.... What a brilliant piece.


It doesn't matter what folks say, as there is still a stigma attached to Mental illnesses, and as 'a man' it is very hard to accept.

Seeing a top player like Tyler come out and open up about it, make life a little better for a lot of people.

Top man. 

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