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10 hours ago, theo5789 said:

These are the events in the past 72 hours. Based on a true story.



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@da.moose and several other GMs

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Theo5789 goes to solitude

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Press release:

First off, I would like to apologize to the city and fans of Philadelphia. Our commitment to bringing a championship to the city still remains. Our passion got us to this point, but this same passion is what will continue to drive us forward. We put in a lot of time here and tore this team down to the roots and rebuilt it. We were ecstatic to see the unbelievable results we had this past season. We hope to use this as a stepping stone lesson to make us stronger as a team to take us to the next level in having continued success long term.


Secondly, thank you to all of the GMs who reached out. It reminded me of the great people this league has. Sometimes my competitive edge gets the best of me and I forget we are playing a game. And I thank all the GMs for allowing me to enjoy this game and the ones that puts countless hours and time in keeping this league going. Also, sorry for wasting everyone's data on this post.


So now we are back in business and back to business. We still have some offers out there and we would like to re-open any trade talks that we had prior. Philadelphia is ready to go again.


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Love the Jeremiah Johnson pic.

One of my fave frontier movies.

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Back from the lake! Good to see I didn't miss much while I was away...  :lol:


While we struck out on a few free agents that we'd targetted, we come away quite pleased with our haul in UFA. We have basically filled out our NHL roster for the following season, signed a few players to one-year "show me"-type deals, and have begun stocking our minor leagues with youngsters like Jakub Pour, Samuel Asselin and Cooper Zech.


We still have a few minor-league targets that we're after, but expect LA to stand pat for the rest of the summer and maybe check out the trade market and waiver wire ahead of training camp to find one or two more NHL bodies.




SIGNING: The Los Angeles Kings have signed the following players:


small.png Adam Lowry - 5 year, $17.5 million dollar contract. ($3.5M AAV) (Modified NTC - Player can submit a 6 team no trade list)

spacer.png Derek Ryan - 1 year, $1.75 million dollar contract. ($1.75 million per season)

spacer.png Josh Manson - 3 year, $10.2 million dollar contract. ($3.4 million per season)

small.png Dmitrij Jaskin - 2 year, $5.0 million dollar contract. ($2.5M AAV) 

spacer.png Chris Wideman - 1 year, $1 million dollar contract

spacer.png Ryan Reaves - 1 year, $1.75 million dollars

spacer.png Dean Kukan - 2 year, $2.8 million dollar contract. ($1.4 million per season)

spacer.png Patrick Brown - 2 year, $1.55 million dollar contract. ($775,000 per season)


spacer.png Jakub Pour - 2 year, $1.6 million dollar contract. ($800,000 per season)

spacer.png Samuel Asselin - 2 year, $1.6 million dollar contract. ($800,000 per season)

spacer.png Cooper Zech - 2 year, $1.6 million dollar contract. ($800,000 per season)


LA Kings Tentative 2021-22 Roster



Anders Lee - Nicklas Backstrom - Tanner Pearson

Max Comtois - Pius Suter - Dmitrij Jaskin

Vlad Namestnikov - Adam Lowry - Josh Archibald

Andreas Johnsson - Derek Ryan - Ryan Reaves

Patrick Brown


Mattias Ekholm - Mark Giordano

Danny Dekeyser - Josh Manson

Dean Kukan - Troy Stecher

Chris Wideman


Sergei Bobrovsky

Casey Desmith


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