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[Proposal{ The new Motte

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23 minutes ago, Provost said:

The way to get ahead is to find the new cheap player who will provide surplus value at the bottom of the lineup, and not overpay for it.


I loved Motte, but the guy is replaceable.  

While we are waiting for the playoffs to be over and actual moves to be made… scour the league like a pro scout and find your idea of “the next Motte” and post it.

My pick…

Meet our new Motte next year… Anton Blidh.


He got bumped out of a roster spot by Foligno (understandable), so wants to go to a situation where he will actually play and could be gotten for league minimum or close to it.



The Swedish winger is still trying to carve out a regular role in the NHL. Plays an agitating, physical game that sometimes gets close to the edge. Is an aggressive skater with good speed. Has been surprisingly effective at drawing penalties in limited ice time. Can step into the lineup and play effectively after sitting for multiple games.

Long Range Potential: Agitating depth winger.





seems like a very low risk option, so sure why not? 

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I like this, he seemed pretty miffed playing in Boston as he was a healthy scratch for much of the season.


Cheap option to bet on and likely can provide aspects of what Motte brought.  These are the kind of bets you wanna make in the UFA market, not the high priced  tickets we usually see with this club. 

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1 hour ago, Where's Wellwood said:


In my opinion, Lockwood would be better served playing a mainstay role in the AHL and being the first injury call up.

I would like a 4th line of

Brendan Smith - Lammikko - Blidh
Highmore as the 13th forward.

Smith is a really tough customer who plays both wing and D.  He would be a pretty good pick up for not too much money.  Not only the toughness, but the versatility lets us regularly go with a smaller roster of 21 or 22 players since Abby is so close now.  That can make a big cap difference for us and double his value.  Older player, but is a good skater so would fit on the 4th line and deal with any trouble that Lammikko and Blidh stir up.

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OP, interesting idea for a thread.  That being said, players like that, i.e. young wingers with speed, aggression and jump, are pretty much dime-a-dozen.  
Is there something that you've seen in his play that sets him apart?  (Besides his motor, Motte's hockey IQ is also pretty high -- ref. his between-the-legs goal on Vasilievskiy while Tyler played for us, and Game 2 (I believe it was) where his innocent-looking backhand almost beat A.V. again, had it not gone off the post).

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On 6/4/2022 at 1:13 PM, Bell said:

Has the best hockey name so why the hell not

Sprague Cleghorn and it's not even really close ...  To me see a name like that and imagine a guy who can put the reigns on after the horses are tired and keep the cart moving through a snowstorm and some furs on his back....


As for current player this is pretty cool.  Better then most names out there. 

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