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(Proposal)Trade Beautiful Villa

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7 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

Your proposals are really coming fast and furious :bigblush:

My man is the anti-Vintage, churning out proposals left and right.

Re: OP, if another team wants to offer that, or alternatively a youngish serviceable defender I'd be open to listen to it.  So far he's been found money next to Petey (but most players are) and we have more candidates than top-6 spots (Garland/ Boeser still aren't in moveable territory yet, and Mikheyev/ Podkolzin would still be vying for spots) so if someone wants to offer a 1st or a D-man to help out elsewhere in the roster I'd say we move him.

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1 hour ago, Paul-walker said:

I know we just got Anthony beauvillier but he’s a playoff performer cheap cap hit and young 4.5 cap hit. We can probably get a 1st and a B prospect. Let me know. We need to tank the rest of the way.

At the 2024 TDL AB, if he’s had a good year, could get a second or a third as a rental. He’s had playoff success. But right now he’s not worth much. 

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