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  1. The Bruins literally had one of their player's father in a senior role in the department responsible for handing out suspensions Vancouver was handed the longest suspension in Stanley cup finals history for a hit a split second late Boston received no suspension for crushing the spine of a player the entire width of the rink away from the puck The NHL has zero integrity, it's an old boys club
  2. I just hope the up and coming players continue their growth and play entertaining hockey. Boeser's season so far has been fun to watch, if Elias can come in and have a similar season and perhaps if the other prospects begin paying off, they can get back to playing competitive, entertaining hockey. I think thats the best one can hope for.
  3. I wouldn't bet against the NHL & OBC. I remember how in the Chicago series in 2011 Mike Gillis literally had to come out and say the reffing wasn't producing an even playing field when they were pushing for a longer series. Then there was the SJ series in 2013 where Ray Ferraro mentioned on air that every single 50 - 50 call in the series had gone against Van. Not to mention the infamous D. Sedin kicked in goal ruling that directly contradicted the DVD addendum the NHL had just sent out to clarify the rule, something that even Don Cherry didn't want to comment on because it was so blatantly going against the rule just to deny Van a goal in a close game. (Don Cherry part starts about half way through) Pitt and Chi winning cups helped stave off legitimate bankruptcy risks, Van does not have such a risk and will therefore never have a business incentive to win the cup in the eyes of the league, and, according to Kerry Fraser, longest serving NHL ref in history, the league in all likelihood influences which teams are successful through disciplinary decisions: https://web.archive.org/web/20150325145840/http://www.tsn.ca/c-mon-ref-the-lowdown-on-toffoli-1.239220
  4. https://web.archive.org/web/20160622010154/http://www.tsn.ca/c-mon-ref-the-lowdown-on-toffoli-1.239220 How are the sharks doing in the playoff race? According to Kerry Fraser, who has refereed more NHL games than any other referee in history, the league likely takes playoff positioning into account when handing out suspensions
  5. The Vegas D man just did the same slash to Molino going down the wing and it wasn't called
  6. But the person who took off a finger had the name "Crosby" so they couldn't give him a penalty or suspension
  7. These are veteran refs you'll be seeing all year long, and no, it won't get any better
  8. With how much the commentators are pumping the fact that everything that happens is "A first for Vegas!" I wouldn't be surprised if the league wanted Vegas to win this one for publicity purposes
  9. If neither ref raised his arm than it was a linesman that called the penalty, which means all 4 of them came together to discuss what they saw and finally make the call. All 4 of them missed that the player kicked the puck before the hit, bush league reffing and this is a veteran NHL officiating crew. Embarrassing
  10. lol Vancouver will never be allowed to lay big hits, always a penalty or suspension even when its a beauty clean hit. Puck is kicked up by the player just prior to being hit, absolutely not interference.
  11. I maintain the position that it is more likely rigged than not based on the culture demonstrated within the NHL head office
  12. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Have-Savard-emails-exposed-NHL-s-Colin-Campbell-?urn=nhl-285531 The Executive Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations has a history of criticizing referees who called "disputed" penalties against his son. This shows the kind of culture in the NHL head office and it is one of sacrificing the integrity of the game for personal reasons
  13. 47 years in a row with 0 first overall picks and 0 stanley cups, don't expect things to change any time soon
  14. That moment was literally surrendering to the fact that the people running the NHL deliberately sabotage the Canucks on a regular basis. It is an absolutely perfect symbol for the Canucks
  15. there is a reason Edmonton hired a law firm to oversee the lottery in the McDavid draft, can't trust the NHL to do a lottery fairly