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  1. I maintain the position that it is more likely rigged than not based on the culture demonstrated within the NHL head office
  2. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Have-Savard-emails-exposed-NHL-s-Colin-Campbell-?urn=nhl-285531 The Executive Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations has a history of criticizing referees who called "disputed" penalties against his son. This shows the kind of culture in the NHL head office and it is one of sacrificing the integrity of the game for personal reasons
  3. 47 years in a row with 0 first overall picks and 0 stanley cups, don't expect things to change any time soon
  4. That moment was literally surrendering to the fact that the people running the NHL deliberately sabotage the Canucks on a regular basis. It is an absolutely perfect symbol for the Canucks
  5. there is a reason Edmonton hired a law firm to oversee the lottery in the McDavid draft, can't trust the NHL to do a lottery fairly
  6. only way that matters to the league is how you use your wallet. if you don't like what you see, don't spend money on it
  7. I'd love to see a compilation of all challenges in Vancouver games
  8. if I'm not mistaken, hasn't every single coach's challenge, both for and against Vancouver has gone against them so far?
  9. According to McKenzie, he stated it should have been a suspension. He also stated that, based on how the rules are written, (reading between the lines) the league has enough leeway to go either way. Obviously, because it was a Canuck being hit, we all know which way they were going to go
  10. Alfredsson is moving his skate towards the net though. He even moves the skate forwards in relation to his body to propel the puck in. Match that with the D. Sedin goal from the first half of the vid I posted, and it seems pretty clear they are applying different standards to different teams. The first example Ron and Don show is from a recent game and isn't from the DVD. Even if you apply the "staying on your line" mode of thinking, than D. Sedin's goal should surely stand, as he is spraying snow in a consistent manor as he attempts to stop at the net. Yet they disallowed it. In a playoff game.
  11. The NHL routinely disregards the precedents it sets, even in cases where they send out addendum DVDs to all the teams in the league to clarify rules Example is kicked in goals:
  12. I remember when they suspended Rome in 2011, they stated 0.5 seconds after a player has released the puck, it is a "late hit". Rome's hit was 1 full second after Horton released the puck and that got him 4 games of the Stanley Cup Finals. Watch any hockey game and compare the late hits to that of Aaron Rome and you'll realize the league makes up the rules as they go along to favor certain teams and keep certain teams down. Rome's hit, suspended entirely based on lateness of hit:
  13. Never expect the league to do the right thing. Ever.
  14. After seeing Toffoli get 0 games for running Burrows from behind into the boards, I realize anything is possible with this league
  15. Blindside hit where the principle point of contact is the head. Should be a lengthy suspension, but what did Keith get for targeting Sedin? A slap on the wrist and a rest before a playoff run. I expect the league to drop the ball on this one too and make it a 1 - 2 game suspension, if at all