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  1. Press conference for the new President of White Noise

    furrys or bronys
  2. Canucks fantasy hockey?
  3. Casual Conversation With BananaMash

    should i do it?????????????????
  4. Funny story regarding the Oilers potential trade for Schneider

    Playing for arguably the best defensive core in the league vs one of the worst, he better have a good year. Remind me how he did in the playoffs as well
  5. CDC - Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament

    I've gone paper paper paper both times (hint hint)
  6. CDC - Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament

    May the best technicality winner win I'm going rock, rock, rock btw
  7. For anyone needing a pump up: Canucks 2015-2016 - UPRISING

    tough crowd
  8. Post here for a title.

    Surprise me?
  9. If we all CDC'd then place would be good

  10. Team CDC [league full - join waiting list]

    Niz Bagi C/LW/RW
  11. Team CDC [league full - join waiting list]

    Brett m8 C/LW/RW
  12. wut should my work nickname be?

    easier if we knew what you looked like
  13. one does not simply feel feels

    i love you
  14. How much would car insurance cost me?

    best to just call, they will give you an exact $