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  1. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    Sedins and youth combining in a win? My favorite.
  2. Vigneault fires back at Julien [article]

  3. [PGT] Devils 3-2 Canucks

    when is the defence gonna figure it out?
  4. Jeff Paterson & Matt Baker - Let Go From 1040

    JPat wasn't a jerk, he just called out people who were bad-mouthing the Canucks or good-mouthing them when they had all their stats wrong.
  5. What a joke that they got rid of these two guys. Jeff was super knowledgeable and extremely passionate about hockey, gonna miss his post-game shows. A man with an encyclopedic mind for sports statistics is no longer going to be a presence on TSN 1040. "In hockey terms, I'm an unrestricted free agent," Paterson tweeted to his 15,500 followers. "In real life, I'm unemployed."   The former Straight sports columnist revealed that he was "one of many told by Bell Media/TSN1040 that our services were no longer required".   "Sure, I'm angry and confused, but most of all I'm saddened," Paterson wrote. "Being on the frontline covering the Canucks on a daily basis was a dream job."   He was in this position for more than 15 seasons, first with CKNW Radio and later with TSN 1040. Paterson's departure from the station is already being mourned by his fans, friends, and colleagues over Twitter. The Vancouver Sun's Iain MacIntyre tweeted "Brutal day, Jeff, what all of us of a certain age fear. It won't define you. Your body of work is too good and vast."   More messages offering similar sentiments can be read here.
  6. Bringing Weber to the line up?!

    There numbers are there lol... Don't get me wrong I love Salo but Weber isn't a piece of $&!# like you are making him out to be. Much better option than Bart.
  7. Bringing Weber to the line up?!

    Weber's 11 goal campaign last year was 3 goals less than Sami Salo's peak season with 14 (Weber did it in 2 less GP). Salo's second best season was a tally of 10. I think you're not giving Weber enough credit here.
  8. NHL 16 HUT Tournament (PS4) (Full)

      Make an xbox one !!!
  9. Canucks fantasy hockey?
  10. TSN's Aaron Ward arrested for assault on female

    Really love listening to him chirp Duthie + The Broke Jake show.
  11. Casual Conversation With BananaMash

    should i do it?????????????????
  12. Would you... ?

    As much as I love Horvat, I have to disagree.. Monahan will most likely have a better career offensively than Horvat and is pretty damn good at his 2-way game as well. Like Horvat, he shows great leadership abilities and will eventually be captain of the Flames. Hope I'm wrong though.
  14. Would you... ?

    Take off your homer goggles people, Yes to first 3 No to Johnny Hockey.
  15. Funny story regarding the Oilers potential trade for Schneider

    Playing for arguably the best defensive core in the league vs one of the worst, he better have a good year. Remind me how he did in the playoffs as well