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*Official* CBA Negotiations and Lockout Thread

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i don't expect a deal tonight. Let the players disclaim and call their bluff. If I'm Bettman I wouldn't move another inch.

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Can someone please explain how a cap of $65 mill vs $60 mill affects the bottom line for players or owners? Players will still get only 50% of HRR. If cap is higher the escrow deductions will be higher.

I know a while back the PA wanted a guaranteed cap regardless of 50%. The NHL said it was a non starter. As of a couple of days ago both Aron Ward and Dregger said this was not something NHL would agree to but the players still wanted. Essentially this would de couple the players' share from 50% of HRR.

If the players are no longer asking for limit on escrow (which I think they still are ) it should not matter how much the cap limit is because the owners will get it back in escrow.

As a fan its a huge benefit to me if the cap is lower because this means high spending teams will be forced to release (buy out or trade) some of their players who will end up in markets with less talent and improve those teams. Who really looks forward to watching the Canucks play CBJ but if they got a couple of good players because of this it would be a better match up, kinda like the Wild getting Suter and Parise would make us look forward to MIN vs VAN games. It would create parity which IMO is great as a fan.

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So I am looking at the current schedule and working out what still needs to be added/changed.

So with a 19th start date:

1. EDM - 3/4 games need to be added

2. CAL - 3/4 games needed

3. AVS - 3/4 games needed

4. MIN - 3/4 games needed

5. DET - away game needed

6. CHI - one game changed

7. CBJ - away game needed

8. NSH - games set.

9. STL - away game needed

10. ANH - games set.

11. DAL - games set.

12. PHX - two games changed

13. SJ - games set.

14. LA - one game changed

15. EAST - two games changed

16. AWAY - 7 games added

17. HOME - 5 games added

So as far as scheduling goes, we have it fairly well. 16/18 east games have been passed already so those two slots just need to find a suiter to play. 4 series' are already set, the biggest challenge is adding games to make a very condensed schedule.

I would assume 1 game would be added to the 19th for all teams not playing on that day, and 2 games added during the all-star break. but that still leaves 8 games needed to be added. There are only two other occurances in this short period of times where the canucks have more than 2 days rest, so lets assume a game is added to each. This leaves us with 6 games needed still. So it is safe to say the playoffs will probably not be starting until may this year.

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