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  1. Hard to argue with Benning worshippers, they dont look at reality/facts. Here's some more we are picking 9th this year (bottom feeder season), next season I dont think we are looking too much better. So yeah, going into the 8th year GM, still projected to be a bottom feeding team. Let's give Benning 1 more year to work his magic. Looking forward to results, or change.
  2. Why would Pitt do this? They are in need for young players to take the torch from/support Crosby/Malkin.
  3. Landeskog would rather play with MacKinnon/Rantanen/Makar, honestly. Going back to topic... Landeskog looks to be quite a captain, very protective of his team. Dont see him leaving COL at all, they even have the cap to re-sign him.
  4. At least your Lindholm proposal is decent. No, Seattle won't be taking Roussel. Why's there a perception Hamonic will continue to be our house nanny forever and take 1-1.5million salary? And instead of doing that adding and subtracting, why not just check out our current contracts for next year at capfriendly? I am really bad at this, but it looks like we have 63million on salary, meaning 18.5million in cap space. Signing Pettersson/Hughes will cost 14 at least so we have 4.5mil space left to replace or sign Sutter/Vessey/Lind/Hawryluk/Edler/Hamonic/Juolevi. So yes, looks we need to dump cap salary with Holtby or Schmidt looking like candidates. 2 years and we will get there and be competitive... This is looking pretty unlikely. We are literally reorganizing our whole defense right now, not much core that has been groomed for 3-4 years to speak of.
  5. Watching teams like Lightning, Hurricane and Bruins play, it just seems we are so far from their level. And people say we will be there in like another year....
  6. ? What am I missing here? We have the salary cap to get Jones? Pettersson and Hughes is at least going to cost us 14million right? So why do we have 21 pages of comments for a Jones to test FA thread. If I am missing something here, we should by all means go all out to get Jones. That's our #1 Dman right there.
  7. Sergachev drafted at 9th, McAvoy at 14th, Chuchrun at 16th, Fabbro at 17th, Dobson at 12th, DeAngelo at 19th, Sanheim at 17th. So, no.
  8. Stop twisting the fact. Scheifele knew the play was done. The puck has left Evans' stick, but he still went through with his hit. The hit was totally unnecessary, playoff hockey or not. And it leads to another scary, dangerous and potential concussion. Should be a game or 2 of suspension. I really do hate seeing people getting put into danger like this playing hockey.
  9. Uhhh... looks like Colorado has way more cap flexibility than us. Should probably be more worried they offer sheet Pettersson. What a waste of post space = / Makar is freaking amazing though.
  10. You are probably way too optimistic... Pettersson changed his agent in January and now have the same agency as Hughes. Won't be easy at all to negotiate 2 team friendly contracts in this scenario. There's also the possibility of offer sheets. Boeser took a very good team friendly contract. Horvat/Demko(shouldn't be paying a goalie who has not started even 1 full year in the NHL more than 5mil AAV) pretty much took market value at the time.
  11. Well sorry to break it. But if Arizona wanted to unload, they will easily get a 1st round pick for each of the 3 players you named OEL, Chychun, Smaltz and some more draft picks. So 3x1st round picks vs your package; without the 21.5mil in salary cap hit.
  12. The cap limit is 81.5mil... I dont get how people think sending 21.5mil of cap to the other team makes for a realistic proposal; and we get 3 very upgraded players back too. The price of trading away 6million of cap was a 1st rounder; before COVID even happened.
  13. lol this proposal wont be liked here. But it's actually decent. The trade is somewhat fair depending on how highly you value Dahlin. It could also do wonders for our team with a new and upcoming 1D in Dahlin and a pretty good player in Reinhart. I personally think Dahlin will live up to expectations and start to dominate the league in a couple of years, he is just freaking 21 right now. It also took Hedman a long time to finally breakout.
  14. Yeah, we are going to be aggressive alright. Benning will look for big named players to add to bolster this team - his job is on the line. Let's hope it looks more like Hamonic, and Schmidt instead of Beagle, Roussel, Ferland, and Holtby.
  15. Sounds like a big no to me. Hes already having his minutes cut by the Oilers, and 10 points playing on the same team as McDavid and Draisaitl? That's plenty of warning to me. Even Tanev who is known to suck offensively racks up more points.
  16. lol at Motte - Horvat - Lind. What kind of line is that... I can see very low production, not too effective and an angry Horvat.
  17. Well I have never seen fans hold a protest to fire a Canucks GM, so I am not sure what you are so proud of.
  18. Your proposal involves shipping out 14.95million in cap space to Arizona. This is just badly contradicting yourself. The OEL story is more like Arizona wanted to get some value out of him while he is in his somewhat prime. OEL would only give Arizona 2 teams, us and Boston and a deadline; because OEL really actually does prefer to stay in Arizona, but would help facilitate a trade if needed to be. Arizona does not like the value back out of us and Boston, so the deadline went and gone. For there to be a OEL trade again, it would mean OEL have to again agree to waive to be traded and Arizona liking the value going back. We are not going to get freebies again. Not to mention how "well" our team's played this season. And how we managed to get the whole team catch COVID, I am not sure we are the prime destination players want to land in this summer. Does Schmidt/Hamonic/Holtby regret signing here? Possibly.
  19. Still scratching my head why people think we can get OEL for very little while dumping Ericsson on them. Most unrealistic wet dream ever.
  20. Quenneville n is a proven winner. He is showing it again in Florida. It is someone of this tier of coaching that we need... I cant see I have high hopes for next season.
  21. Benning's actually quite ruthless in resigning players the past 2-3 years. I do expect him to nail down Edler's AAV. 3million seems fair to me if he is to resign and play a #4-5 guy. Pearson's 3.25mil is not too bad for what he brings. The guy did get 45 points last year in 69 games. But if he performs like this season for the next 3 years, then this will be a pretty bad signing.
  22. The fact that owner had to come out to say, yes Benning is back as GM next year already speaks volume. Let's see if Benning can turn the ship and this team can make the playoffs again much stronger. If not....
  23. Could be good for this organization. Sedins are decent people and could potentially do great work managing. They certainly have the EQ for it. I dont think Benning will be around if we are hiring the Twins for an organizational role. Could be change is coming. Benning's done some decent things for this organization, I dont mind watching him 1 more year to see if he can achieve the results needed; providing we have a coach change. New management that has a proven track record will be great too. I am tired to see newhorn hires and fingers cross that they work.
  24. Well you mentioned Bonino for Sutter trade. It's easy to read Benning, he is going for the shortcut ever since hes been here. - Gudbranson (previous #3 pick), let's trade for him, hope he pans out and live to his drafted potential. - Sutter same $&!#. Drafted #13, young, 28 years old, let's hope he lives to his drafted potential. - Trades 2nd round picks for Linden Vey, Baertschi etc.... And the 2-3 UFAs we always go out to spend every year to 3-6million dollar contracts. And the prospects we develop and give up mid way. (McCann, Shinkaruk, Forsling, Gaudette, Madden..) All of these tells you we have a GM that is not totally committed to the traditional draft, develop and succeed road. And it's 2021, our results are poor. Either Benning is on a short leash with the management and must make the playoffs or he is just not a very patient person and does not have a 3,5,7 year plan. More like, trade now, sign now and get some immediate results.
  25. Nice optimism. But what is fueling it? Benning has been going out to shop every single year hes been here. Seems like every year he is signing someone to 6 million or 3 million contracts or trading for one. So why your optimism of having a lot of cap space. The big names and solid contributors you have listed either 1) stay with their old team like 90% of the time or 2) they already have a preferred destination or there is a bidding way for their service aka there will be overpayment. So your dream of this happening is actually quite low.
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