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  1. I hate to say it but... Green isn't an NHL-caliber coach. Obviously, there are gaps in this roster and the defense definitely leaves something to be desired but anyone who watches this team can see that the "system" they are trying to employ just isn't working. I'm usually the last guy to suggest firing the coach as stop-gap measure but I honestly feel we could get more out of this group with a better coach.
  2. I'm sorry... you were saying something, were you? Go hang out of HFBoards, if you want to slam the team at any chance you get.
  3. You ever looked at that 2009 Penguins roster? The third and fourth leading scorers were Ruslan Fedetenko and the ghost of Bill Guerin (who was going on 39 years old). Their best defensemen were an aging Gonchar, Rob Scuderi and a sophomore Letang who had yet to break out. But, on the backs of Crosby and Malkin, they managed to go to the Finals, in back to back years, and win a Cup. There has never been a generational talent in history who has had as many excuses made for him as McDavid. Yes, you can blame him. His team may have "let him down" but he has also performed poorly in every single playoff performance we've seen from the guy. Even when OV was getting knocked out in the playoffs, he was still dominating offensively. McDavid has A LOT to prove. The regular season is a far easier environment to pad your stats. The playoffs, however, are a different beast.
  4. I was quoting you, bud, lol. You know, after you said that you can't think of a better winger in the league than Marner? If you meant under 25, then say under 25.
  5. Seriously? Kucherov Panarin Pastrnak Marchand Kane Stone Rantanen Ovechkin Huberdeau I would take every one of them over Marner, especially in the playoffs. He is not a player you win with, unless he's the 3rd or 4th best player on your team (ala Kessel).
  6. It's HFCanucks, man. Basically, anything bad that has happened to the Canucks is a direct result of Jim Benning's incompetence and any positives that have occurred were a result of someone else in the organization saving him from himself. It doesn't matter who you credit, so long as it's not Benning. Funny enough, they'll lose their collective minds when you accuse them of being too extreme and lacking any sort of nuance. They'll then proceed to call you a "Benning Bro" who is schilling for FA and the Canucks organization. It's quite a treat, that place.
  7. Can we all agree that they both suck?
  8. Not sure if iMac has the scoop here or is just commenting as if it's a done deal...
  9. I thought HFBoards Canucks was created to corral all of the toxic Canucks fans. You mean to say some have escaped?
  10. And this discredits my point how? Unless, of course, you think that 13 points in 12 games back in 92-93 moves the needle enough to put Trevor in the Hall...
  11. The reason why Linden never gets mentioned in HHOF talk mostly has to do with the fact that his career is not even remotely close to being worthy. I mean, the guy never even broke PPG once and you think he should be enshrined alongside the Beliveaus and Crosbys of the world? If he ever got in, he would immediately unseat Lowe as the worst entrant ever. And I'm saying this as someone who loves Trevor Linden.
  12. The guy who beat a prime (albeit mumps-stricken) Crosby in the scoring race and finished 2nd the year after. No one else on this list has been as dominant, relative to his peers, as Benn.
  13. HFCanucks is losing it's f***ing mind right now and most are proclaiming that they're jumping ship for the Kraken. Mind you, that's just an average day for that place.
  14. But that doesn't make sense from Larsson's side of things. What allegiance does Larsson have to Seattle that he would sign with them and immediately permit them to trade his rights to another franchise?
  15. Dickie Moore is quite clearly the "greatest" player here, based on his dominance relative to his peers and Cup success, but it's always a tough call to go with a player of a bygone era. That said, he did beat out a prime Beliveau and Howe for the Art Ross, so it it's a tough call. But, if I had to pick a player for the modern game, I'm going with Iggy.
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