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  1. Dear god, no. Sutter is awful. He offers very little offense, gets caved in on the defensive side of things and can't play up in the line up. This team needs to get away from players like him and should be thankful his boat anchor contract is up. Sutter is part of the reason we have one of the worst bottom six compositions in the league, as is Beagle. The Canucks can't show them the door soon enough. We should be going after a player like Wennberg: young, speedy, and good offensive instincts, with the ability to move into your top six as needed.
  2. I gotta be straight with you; this whole post is ridiculous. First of all, the guy was suspended by the NHL and IIHF after doing in coke with a girl in a hotel room and you want him to mentor our best prospect? And why would you trade two players who are better than Kuznetsov AND the 9th overall pick for Kuznetsov? I actually think Washington would turn that trade down out of pity.
  3. He converted when he was 12. That's more than enough time to make the transition and, when you watch him on the ice, it's evident that it's not holding him back against his peers.
  4. Don't worry, I've made a career of whining about whiners. It's why I frequent HFCanucks for the lols.
  5. They put his "psychological condition in order", eh?
  6. Green is more a master of the complimentary post-game interview: "That's a good team over there", "Your team's effort is only part of the result", "You've gotta' give them credit"...
  7. Derek Dorsett confirmed that it wasn't Gallant who made the comment that the Sedins referred to as having "crossed the line". Gallant went off and started screaming at the Canucks during the bench brawl but, in Dorsett's words, " if Gallant knew what was said, he wouldn't have reacted like he did".
  8. We'd all like to see OV here but I'm 99.9% sure he'll retire a Cap. Seems like an incredibly loyal guy, same as Sid.
  9. If we're two years away from potentially contending, in Benning's mind, what sense is there in trading away NHL talent for draft picks that will (at the very least) take another 2-3 years to even crack the roster? You're just kicking the can even further down the road, at that point.
  10. All of those teams took over a decade or more of losing to become competitive and, honestly, the jury is still out on the Panthers. Not sure what your point is...
  11. In the words of Bob Mckenzie, it was "the most Vancouver thing ever". The Luongo recapture penalty is an embarrassing blemish on the NHL, as it is a petty rule that should not have been retroactively instated in the first place. It's even more egregious considering they have ignored other teams attempt to circumvent the rules on Robidas Island with skin allergies and the like. The most disgusting example of the NHL's inconsistent enforcement of the rules is the Kovalchuk example. The Devils were purposely trying to circumvent the salary cap with the initial Kovalchuk contract and w
  12. Don't forget Ferland, Benn, and the ghosts of Sven Baertschi and Ryan Spooner. The cherry on top is Luongo but that's not Benning's fault. Thankfully, we'll clear the books at the end of next season.
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