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  1. NHL really cacked the bed with their new website format for the Canucks..  As if nhl.com itself wasn't a terrible enough design.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Canuck_in_AB


      Rubik just proved my point even more.  I have an up to date browser and when I click FANS (btw don't be an ass clown if you don't know who you're talking to), there's NOTHING about a forum/message board.  If I hover my mouse over FANS, nothing happens.


    3. Canuck_in_AB


      And now that I HAVE found it (FANS -> message board), AGAIN I can criticize the creator of the website for a $&!#ty layout.  What's the point of having a menu sustem AND a "Sections" area (which I never even noticed until now)?  Who plasters a menu system across the top of a &^@#ing website and then decides to add a completely redundant menu system called "Sections," which for some stupid reason, is more detailed?  Lousy layout.

    4. Rubik


      " btw don't be an ass clown if you don't know who you're talking to "
      You're a tough guy. Keep on...

  2. Men, thank you for bleeding for us this year.  It was a rough one but you gave the fans what you could under the circumstances.  Heal up and have a great summer!

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      a-men brother....it is good to see that some fans can appreciate what they tried to do for us..onward and upward...

    2. Canuck_in_AB


      The team as a whole failed to achieve what they set out to do, but there were quite a few great individual stories this year.

  3. With all the games against SJ coming up, at least we'll probably be guaranteed to have a playoff environment going on.

  4. Just watched the highlights.. Wow Beauchemin, nice spear assclown.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      HE though he was hunting for wild boar or something ?

    2. Canuck_in_AB


      I'm just glad it wasn't a Canuck who did the spearing... we would have been down 3 players.  lol

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      No doubt !  Nuck luck is as bad as it gets right now lol : (

  5. Yet another player (Friesen) gets an NHL debut either tonight or soon..  This has got to be some sort of record for the Canucks in one season, for NHL debuts.  We can't be too upset about where we are in the standings, with all the injuries and green guys.

    1. Odd.


      We have 8 players that made their NHL debut this season. Grenier, Friesen, Virtanen, Hutton, McCann, Pedan, Gaunce, and Shinkaruk.

  6. Who was the last player to score a regular season goal While wearing the flying skate jersey?  I wonder if anyone knows.. (obviously it can be figured out, but I'm not in a position to do so today)

    1. nzan


      i can't find a play by play summary but it appears the canucks beat the oilers 5-4 in the final game of the 96-97 season. goals were scored by Naslund (2), Brashear (2) and Gelinas.

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Yeah it's tough to find thorough stats on games that happened before the internet was a powerful thing. 

  7. If the 'Yotes want to win this game, they need to take more penalties.  I think they've been in our zone more while killing a penalty than we've been in their zone on the PP.

  8. Wow.  A rare televised Canucks game.. No blackout for Red Deer tonight! (yes, I realize they're not rare if you don't live in a blackout region)

  9. The new NHL website layout and design is brutal.

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    2. Canuck_in_AB


      What's missing (or I'm too simple to find it), is the list of stories on the right of the main "display" part of the page, where the top stories are shown.  Now you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to see anything.  Also, they removed all the teams from the top part of the screen.  They've been moved to a sub menu.


    3. yoshiyoshi


      it looks like the new site is designed for mobile devices. Looks horrible on PC. They removed the list of team logos at the top for easy access to the team sites, they dont even list the rank of teams anymore in the standings so you cant tell what place a team is in without counting from top or bottom, the points dont stand out from any other stat so again it takes more effort than a glance to find that info. I could go on with my complaints but i will probably run into a character limit somewhere,

    4. Canuck_in_AB


      Had to laugh... While cruising around on Twitter this morning, I came across this Chris Cuthbert tweet: "Did the person who designed the Islanders' Captain Highliner jersey revamp the NHL website?"

  10. How does that feel, Brian?  Andrew Alberts will probably never even comment on that fight, but he will likely smile quietly to himself.

  11. I never thought Gaunce would ever suit up for a regular season game, until this past September when his maturity was clearly showing on the ice.  Sucks that we have a guy go down with an injury, but nice to see Gaunce get his chance to showcase himself, even if it's just for a few games..

    1. Keslerific


      I've been waiting for this for years, I always really liked his attitude and how he carries himself. Can't help but like the guy, solid hockey player.

    2. Canuck_in_AB


      I'm glad I'm not a bettin' man, because I never would have bet that McCann or Hutton would have still been here at this point.  Down the road, sure, but not 2015. 


  12. Man, talk about opening up a McCann of whoopass..

  13. If at least 8000 people can make a "KSHHH!" sound, then Miller has his "LOOUUU" save feedback sound. He should probably get a goal song too, just in case.. lol.

    1. Canuck_in_AB


      For the record, not my idea. But I'd make the sound of a beer opening if a shatload of others did too.

  14. Texted a friend yesterday saying, "You watch, Canucks have chosen their own goal songs, and in the first home game where we might hear some, we'll get shut out." lol... Ah well.

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      So its your fault!!!

    2. Canuck_in_AB


      And then I posted that, and they decided to give us three new songs to hear.. lol.

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