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  1. Amsterdam + Hockey night <3

  2. I've seen the names of Cody and Zack way too many times on CDC in the past 48 hrs......Im starting to believe the NHL is made up of only two players

    1. debluvscanucks
    2. Phil_314


      it's nice out now, escape the Hodge-podge of Cody for now and have a breather

  3. Trade deadline essentials: Coffee, stress ball,pillow to scream in and a paper bag for breathing. Oh and TSN and Bob McKenzie

  4. Amsterdam Cafe + Canucks Game = Happiness

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      i cant read your status from all the smoke cough ...cough in this cafe ;p

    2. Magikal


      Will you be in attendance?

  5. I can see little Bitz of the Seind's magic in Byrons game

  6. Cry Baby Cry.....

  7. -12C tonight?? Son of a......

    1. Magikal


      i did winter in Ontario before with -38 plus windchill so I know my winters like the rest of you. The problem is the air in Vancouver is so damp that it makes it feel just as cold.

    2. Venom52


      -50 with wind here in sask.

    3. Magikal


      after -25 it all feels the same

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  8. Lucky! Not a great finish but there are some positives to take from the game at least. I can believe that you would be more than a little upset. Do you still do the window designs in the living room?

  9. I hate when you offer someone a compliment on their mustache and then suddenly she's not your friend anymore.

    1. Phil_314


      worse idea is to become friends with alcohol... and then say things like this

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      those darn italian sense of humor

  10. Hey why did you stop playing your team in CDCHL?

  11. have any friends you want to join the league?

  12. League name: CDCHL (#20077)

    password: Nutells

  13. Hahaha Michael. Havent seen you in years Deb how ya been

  14. I went to school at Purpose Secondary. It's in New West. Twas a good outing tonight for the Canucks. Hopefully a nice repeat on Monday.

  15. Wu Tang Clan aint nuttin ta **** wit Nah it should be Gots Like C'mon Through by Wu Tang if anything Song is epic for Wu chants