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  1. And the first was not predicted to be a top 10 pick. Absolutely no way we include our 2021 1st in an OEL deal now
  2. Depends on the money. 1 year at Hamonic money or less, ok.
  3. We'll still have more travel costs than the other Pacific division farm teams. The AHL West teams are pretty much all in California. So the Abbortsford _____ will have to fly to every away game. While I wanted the Abbotsford Comets, I understand brand loyalty that would be important to the Utica faithful to remain the Comets and continue that legacy. In terms of franchise records (Utica Comets all-time scorers/goalies/etc), would those move to Abbotsford or remain with the new Utica Comets?
  4. Part of the problem is still the team. Nobody is complaining now that Babcock was replaced with Keefe.
  5. How long did Slava Voynov's domestic abuse, or Mike Richard's drug possession investigations take? It seems like their contracts were terminated pretty quick
  6. What is bad or good about C-10? Asking seriously. As far as I've read, it wants to apply the same standards to stuff on Crave, and other Canadian streaming services as applies to Canadian TV and radio. Basically updating those standards for the current modes of content production.
  7. I just got blocked on Twitter by a Leafs fan who was arguing that Hughson and Simpson were giant Canucks homers. I hadn't even replied directly to him. I replied to another guy who had agreed with him. I pointed out several Leafs favourable things Simpson had said.

    1. Dazzle


      You know these commentators are GOOD when other fanbases think the commentators are 'homers' of the OTHER team.

    2. TNucks1


      simpsons trash, i dont mind Jim for the most part

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      They know how it was like having to listen to Bob Cole for us Canuckfans.


      Make no mistake, in his prime, Cole was indeed legit legendary (fantastic voice).  But stayed way too long.

  9. No need to imagine. Nylander came off protocol for being a close contact and missed a week. 7 WHOLE DAYS! and no rust at all? What a warrior.
  10. Geez Simpson, it's almost like teams adjust over the course of a season. But no, 15 PP goals in the first 12 games MUST mean that the domination will continue all 56 games.
  11. picked off waivers from Toronto shortly before we were shut down
  12. But hey, at least Nylander doesn't look rusty. And did you see how fast Nick Robertson looked in that race against a Canuck for the puck? Sheldon Keefe really had things to worry about but he's coached his way out of those problems. /s &^@# the colour commentator this game is making comments that are just devoid of context. They're playing a squad crippled by covid. OF COURSE MATHEWS AND MARNER LOOK GOOD. FOR &^@#S SAKES!
  13. All the best wishes to Bo, Gunnar, Holly, and family
  14. That's 7 players on the main roster and LeBrun reports one taxi squad member too
  15. But the Sharks are super screwed now. Their cap outlook is the worst of all. And they traded away the pick that turned into Stutzle
  16. you lose some, you lose some Damned if we do and damned when we dont
  17. According to this article: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/nhl-investigating-incident-involving-official-caught-hot-mic/ Peel and Sutherland were the refs. Do only refs get mic'd up or is there a chance it was a linesman talking?
  18. And a Buffalo staff member tested positive as well. And yet the NHL allowed the game to happen, after which Debrusk, Pastrnak, and Krejci have entered COVID protocol
  19. This will be the least popular one. 1st round drafting good, outside of 1st round okay, trades okay, UFA signings bad, RFA signings good, eloquence of speech poor, Jet Black-ness elite
  20. I left Rogers to join Wind/Freedom. It all comes around
  21. I believe in Jett Woo Him and Rathbone are having chemistry
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