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[Report(s)] Zach Parise Discussion thread

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I think Zach would be willing to sign a long-term deal worth somewhere between 5-6.5m, and we could afford it with a few players coming off the books.




Ballard (I know, this would be tough, but if we can get KB and Ehrhoff locked up, our top-4 is set for years, with guys like Connauton, Tanev coming up, they are capable of the bottom pairing with a veteran d-man.)




Matt Corrente (Solid physical young d-man)




Glass-Niedermayer(We need a real consistent 4th line center)-Hansen








Can you imagine that lineup in the playoffs, Wow.

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Gillis isn't going to be trading away next year's first (or any draft picks for that matter) people so stop thinking that would be a possible way to get parise.

We're built for dept and solidity, it wouldn't make sense to trade two roster members (say schnieder and raymond) for one player who'd need time to get back into game form and gel with the team only to hurt our depth.

We have a couple prospects in the pipeline (for the first time in how long?) but it's not like there's a plethora. I highly doubt Gillis is going to bite the bullet and give up a future star, say schroeder for arguments sake, just to get a player we could potentially sign in the offseason and who wouldn't conclusively be any help to us this year anyways.

Theoretically tho, Sedin Sedin Kesler and Parise would be an elite top 4 offensive players

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No thank you to a trade with the Canucks. The guy played 12 games and has been injured ever since. The team is rolling and doesn't need another player that's out of shape, out of game shape and will have to establish chemistry during an extremely important time of the year. It'll be bad enough having salo coming back and having to pick up his game to the current level.

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I respectfully disagree with you on this... Schneider > Bernier for sure.

Simmonds is different I agree, in the playoffs he's going to be more of a hitter

and less of a puck handler so I don't think you can compare but Raymond still seems

to have a clearer upside (as long as he stops his perimeter nonsense... hopefully his

hand gets better sooner rather than later if that is the reason).

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I think it makes more sense to trade for him after the play-offs. Call me crazy, but the guy is going to be rusty. That, and the cost will be much less in the off-season as opposed to the trade deadline.

But I wouldn't be opposed to going for him before the play-offs ;)

I have no problem seeing any of the following assets go:

Cory Schneider (preferably after play-offs)

Raymond (preferably before play-offs)

Kevin Bieksa (if Salo is good to go; we'll know by the time this trade goes down)

Keith Ballard (makes more sense for NJD, less for Van. Preferably after play-offs)

Mikael Samuelsson (any time)

Cody Hodgson (any time)

Jordan Schroeder (as long as he is valued relatively high)

Sergei Shirokov (playing great, no place in Vancouver. Preferable asset involved in this trade)

and any of our picks/defensive prospects required in the trade.

Also, this injury of his should lower Parise's value at least a little bit.

Sedin, Sedin, Burrows

Parise, Kesler, Tambellini/Hansen/Raymond (depending on if Ray is traded)

Torres, Malhotra, Samuelsson/Hansen (depending if Samuelsson is traded)

Volpatti/Glass, Glass/Bolduc, Hansen/Volpatti/Tambellini

Parise would give us a great second PP unit, too, that's for sure..

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we need to remember that anything involving parise would have to be because he doesn't want to resign in NJ. and if thats the case he will be traded because someone will sign him to offer an offer sheet that the devils can't/won't match and they lose him for draft picks that cant help them for 3-5 years. NJ can't score, thats there biggest problem. Mason Raymond, sergei shirokov, and a 1st./or E. Lack.

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