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[P G T ] - Canucks Eliminated


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The Canucks have lost 8 of their last 10 playoff games. In those 10 games, they've been outscored 32-12. So basically we were getting scored on 3.2 times per game and scoring 1.2 times per game; losing by, on average, 2 goals per game.

The defense needs to get more defensive (Edler and Bieksa need to not be plugs anymore);

The offense actually needs to score (other than the Twins in the last 2 games, where was ANYBODY?)

Schneider needs to stay.

AV needs to go, constantly being outmatched, not using or appreciating our young talent, and being too stubborn.

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My cousin was at the game and she said Hank gave his stick to a girl while going down the tunnel:(

My heart hurts. Not as much as last season but frack ...still hurts

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Theres a lot of junk getting thrown around here tonight.

Bottom line is this my friends - The Kings wanted it more and deserved it more. We had no response - zero. Getting outplayed in 14 of 16 periods says it all. End of story.

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Blackhawks fan here again.

Sorry that your team lost in the first round, I remember the sting from last season. I honestly don't think Gillis needs to make too many big changes. First he has to sort out the goalie situation (I'd keep Schneider). Second he need to improve the depth on defense. Erhoff's role was never replaced and that hurt in the post season.

Good luck next year.

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For people defending Kesler by using injury as an excuse should wake up. Injured? So did you mean he was playing injured for 77 regular season games? No, if he was injured he should have (and the management would have told him to) taken more time off to rest and heal for the playoffs. Lets face it, to win the cup you need secondary scoring.

That's why we were so good last year when our third line, second line, and first line were chipping in throughout the playoffs. However, this year our third line was completely useless offensively (Maybe we should have kept a certain someone) and our second line just didn't show up. I see alot of people defending Kes by saying "he's shutting down the other line"; that's great and all but for 5 mill a year you better get some goals.

Bottom line is that to win a cup you need secondary scoring and our second line, whose job IS secondary scoring, wasn't getting anything done. It seemed like the only forwards that showed up were the twins and hansen. It must suck for both Lou and Schneider to back up this team; we couldn't even get two goals for corey tonight.

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What a complete joke of a series. The Canucks were never in it to begin with. If Daniel was here, we may have squeezed out two or three wins, possibly the series, but we were going to get crushed in the next round.

Raymond; useless. He's gone. Better tonight but that means squat.

Higgins? Yawn. The disappearing act; seen this a million times, not from him but Canucks in general.

Booth. Non factor. Thanks for coming to Vancouver, I guess. You didn't really do anything at the end of the day.

Kesler? What a joke. He is NO longer untouchable. He is arguably a one season wonder because he played like crap all season long. 17 game goaless drought is UNACCEPTABLE.

Burrows? Not good enough, my friend. Not even close.

Kassian. I know you're young, bud, and evidently given far more than you could chew but you also sucked. Gillis needs to get blamed for this debacle. Kassian was in no way going to make this team ANY better this season. Really, a Calder candidate for an NHL scrub/solid AHL'er? If you thought he was going to make a difference you're delusional. I heard the reasons why Cody was traded and those are a crock/you make him stay and play out the season.

WHERE IS THE DEPTH SCORING? All flash and dash in the regular season. Nothing in the playoffs. A complete joke.

I had a feeling this team was not going to get as far as they had the season prior. This team was statistically worse than the team last year in about every way, but to go out like this is embarrassing.

Changes are obviously going to be made come the summer. What they are yet, I can't say for sure.

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