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Salo. Can't beleive some people are thinking Burrows first. Burrows would be fine, good even but with everything that Salo has done for this team he is the obvious choice imo. All the injuries he has faced and almost being forced to retire a year or two ago. He has been one of our best d-men within the past 10 years, such a class act. Don't recall any dangerous or dirty hit/play he has made or any incident elsewhere. Those are good qualities to have in an assistan captain.

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Salo, if he returns. If not, then I'm stuck between Burr and Hammer (wasn't an option in the poll). They're both great people who lead, but Hammer would get the upper-hand in representing the Canucks as an alternate capt'n when there's issues and a need to deal with them w/ the refs.

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If everyone wants our 3 top liners to sport letters, it just shows what our team is really lacking - leadership on the blueline.

I know letters mean nothing, but it would be nice to spread the love a bit more.

"C" for Henrik.

"A" for Kesler

"A" for Bieksa

If Salo returns, he deserves the defensive "A". Even Salo though, quiet as he is, isn't a true leader on the blueline. This team desperately needs a big-time player on the back end who can calm down guys like Edler, Bieksa, Tanev and Ballard when they freak out - especially in pressure situations like the playoffs.

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Salo would give his left nut to be captain!

Oh wait... :P

With no left bean to give, gotta go with Burrows.

Guess who went after Duncan Frickin Kieth? Guess who went back to the 3rd line, the 2knd line and then back to the 1st line again... and personally kicked some competitive spirirt in all their arses when lots of guys looked like they gave up after the deadline???

Who tamed the beast in Chicago last year??

Who draws the bow for a lost team mate?

Burrows, might have to cuddle up a few guys in striped uniforms, but he is the no brainer obvious choice for next captain, alternate captain, any leadership position available..., the kind of captain Bobby Clarke was. (Burrows says " who gives a stuff about bein politically correct, and just wins!)

And serious honorable mention to Hamhuis! :towel:

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