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How Many Points Should We Expect From Zack Kassian

Peter Gunn

How Many Points Do Expect From Zack  

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Realistically, how many points should Zack Kassian get over the 48 game schedule this upcoming season for you to consider him a success?

On Jan. 24, Zack will turn 22 (best wishes) so I thought it might be of interest to see what other Canucks had accomplished at that age, then put together their point totals over a 48 game schedule.

In other words, had the following players only played 48 games the year they were 22 years old they would have had:

Henrik Sedin - 5 g - 19 a - 24 points

Mason Raymond - 9 g - 12 a - 21 points

Daniel Sedin - 9 g - 10 a - 19 points

Jannik Hansen - 5 g - 13 a - 18 points

Ryan Kesler - 6 g - 10 a - 16 points

*Alex Burrows - 8 g - 6 a - 14 points

David Booth - 3 g - 7 a - 10 points

*Note: Burrows didn’t get to the NHL until he was 24, at 22 he was lighting it up for the Columbia Inferno of the ECHL.

If Zack plays effectively at both ends of the ice and can produce in the neighborhood of 10 goals, 10 assists - 20 points, to my way of thinking, that would be an outstanding regular season.

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Depends where he plays and injuries mostly. If Burrows, Higgins or Booth struggle he will probably be the first guy vaunted into the top-6 because Raymond and Hansen will likely be very effective on a forechecking line together on the 3rd. If he succeeds and sticks with the twins who knows how much he'll score.

However on a season average, on the whole considering he averages around 12-14 minutes a game, I could see him on pace for 15 goals and maybe 30 points in a full season. That's about just under 10 goals and 20 points in this shortened season.

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If he keeps his average ppg - he'll finish with about 11 points. That's not enough if we want to see progress, This will only be his second year, so the jump doesn't have to be huge, but we need to see a little something. I'd say 15-20 would be very good, and exactly the type of bump we want to see. Expecting 30 would be a bit much, but would be a great surprise if he achieved anything between 20-30.

I think everyone wants to see him do well. Personally - my wish is too see him secure his own end of the ice and become a reliable force in his own end. Maybe not a 'shut down' player but I'd like to see him erase his -2 career +/- and bump it up to a +5 or so.

Fingers crossed his back is okay. (report said it's sore). I was a massive CoHo fan from when he was a junior, so I was disappointed when the trade went down. But as long as we see Kassian use his size and make progress I'll be quite happy.

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It all depends on his role on the team this year. If he's put in a top 6 role, I'd expect around half a point a game... so around 20-30 pts. If he's used in the 3rd/4th lines or is swapped between the bottom 6 and top 6, I'd expect 15-20 pts. He has the potential to score some decent points, and I'd like to see it happen.

That being said, Bertuzzi was 24-25ish before he actually broke out and became the awesome power forward Vancouver enjoyed during the Naslund era. I'd expect Kassian's development to be similar.

I don't think Kassian has earned his way to a top 6 spot yet, he still has a ways to go. Those of you slotting Kassian with the Sedins over Burrows.. give me a break! On AV's team you need to earn your spot.

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Not the year for improvisation and bringing the rookies along in a structured,calm manner.

The Sedins need help but they need offensively gifted ,NHL experienced help.

Let's hope Zach can realistically assist the Sedins before they slide over the hill.

A power forward that was NHL ready and experienced would have been the suitable trade.

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My production expectations arent too high for him yet.

I went with 10-15, being that its the most likley target for a potential 4th liner... over an 82 game sched i wouldnt expect more than 20-30

I do hope he plays with the twins, or even gets time with the 2nd line, but its tough to say with the condensed schedule, since there seems to be enough experience on the wings that coach V will likley go to first.

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