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Kevin "Silva" Bieksa's knee on Belesky


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LOL I think you may need to watch the fight a few more times for it to sink in. look at belesky's nose dude . Bieksa tuned him. Getting pulled to the ice does not mean you won the fight . The commentators is blind as f...... Bieksa was rolling like a gator

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I noticed how the commentators said that Bieksa is one of the toughest *underrated* guys in the NHL. And then quoted George Parros saying so. A lot of fans here have criticized him for not being *tough* enough, but I guess others around the league would disagree.

I think part of the reason we haven't seen Bieksa do much fighting these past 2 seasons is because of how the team relies on the top pairing. But I think with the 3rd pairing playing so well, and being able to play in almost any situation that the 1st and 2nd could, will free him up a bit.

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