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Top 30 canucks of all time- Voting for #3

Langdon Algur

Top Canuck of all time- voting for #3  

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Finally found time to move on to creating the thread for #3. Congrats to Pavel Bure for being voted the 2nd greatest Canuck of all time with just over 50% of the vote. Kirk McLean was added to list after receiving 9 nominations, Ohlund was second with 5 nominations.

Also it sounds like lots of you share my love for pie and want these threads to continue.

The list so far

1) Trevor Linden

2) Pavel Bure

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My vote goes to Luuuuu. He's done so much for this team and city, and even through all the criticism, he's matured greatly into an amazing leader and role model. The best goalie we've ever had hands down. The day he leaves will be a very sad day.

Nomination goes to Ohlund.

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Vote for Naslund

Some may disagree but I think as an individual player he was more skilled in his prime than either sedin (note that I said individually)...but at the same time I understand why Hank is up there (and deservingly so)

Also I started getting into hockey when the WCE started running so i'm voting with a bit of a bias here

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My vote goes to Luongo. A controversial choice, but here's my story.

Love him or despise him, you cannot deny one key thing Luongo has done for the Canucks. Win.

Before he even arrived, the Canucks generally struggled to notch 45 wins. Today, that mark is pedestrian by Canuck standards.

Sure, part of this change also had to do with the erosion of rest of the division, particularly the Avalanche, but even then, the Nucks faced formidable foes from San Jose, Chicago, Anaheim, and Detroit. And from his first season with the Canucks, during which time he scored 47 wins and took them to the second round of playoffs, Luongo proved he could be a force for the Canucks, and so gave them hope for greater things.

His presence in Vancouver should've been imortalized in the 2010 Olympics, when as the sole Vancouver Canuck player on the roster, he helped lead Team Canada to a gold medal, on Canuck ice, nonetheless. But somehow, his untimely playoff struggles, combined with his forceful ego has made him a target for excessive criticism and derision, and following a poor showing against Los Angeles in the 2011 playoffs, he lost his starting job to Cory Schneider and was slated for a trade out of town. Much of his struggles wasn't entirely his fault, except for the fact that he attempted to take upon himself the mission to be Vancouver's "messiah," only to run straight into his limitations.

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