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Jeff Tambellini

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Remember when this guy showed up from nowhere and ended up being

in the Nashville series during the 2011 playoff run? His work ethic is what GM MG was looking for during his restructuring of the team, he said the lineup needed more grit. And even though Jeff is small considered the "size needed" for today's game, he provided the hustle needed to win games.

Instead he signed a contract with the ZSC Lions (??? :huh: ) Does anybody know if he's still signed there because I saw him at UBC today while going for a free skate. Sad thing was nobody else recognized him, not even the guys running the skate shop. He seemed pretty shy when I called his name out and nobody knew what was going on. I wonder what he's doing here at this time of the year -- what would it be like if we gave this guy another shot? Speaking of shots, I need not remind you all that he actually hits the net consistently with his shots.

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