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Changes To Make If Canucks Are Out 1st Round


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What changes would you make if the Canucks get bounced out in the first round with mediocre/stellar goaltending from whoever and lacklustre offense? Management changes? Coaching changes? Trades? Re/Signings? Etc...

Me personally,

Fire MG and AV goes also

Trade Luongo for whatever we can get (regardless of who plays in net and if they even play stellar)

Trade Edler for a top 6 forward like say Ryan from the Ducks

Buy out Booth and Ballard

Sign Clowe, resign Roy

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First move would be to fire AV, not MG though. Only problem is there isn't many good candidates out there to replace him. Trade Luongo for some draft pick/prospect + decent roster player if possible. Finally let Raymond go, can't stand him. Trade Edler if he screws up in the playoffs again and try to acquire a puck moving PP QB. Try to get a 3rd line C and re-sign Roy.

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Where can I get the koolaid so many CDCers are drinking. They're out in first round. OP is just starting the inevitable discussion now as opposed to next week.

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