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[Signing] Dale Weise Re-Signs for $750,000/1 year


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Here is a list of other 4th liners with salary and stats from last year, age in the brackets. (m/g = min per game)

I tried to use players who have just signed a contract as comparable but it was hard to find many. Clune and Nolan are two who just signed but are better players I think. Thornton, Moen and Cromdeen are all more experienced players but show what the league pays good 4th liners even if they don't pruduce more, they usually have other intangebles like fighting or PK.

Most these guys I listed including Weise have the ability to play on the PK and move up the line up in a pinch or are considered quality fighters that can still play hockey. 4th line goons (Sestito, Orr, Thorburn) generally play 7 m/g and under.

Weise(25) 750K 40gp 6 p -7 9:33 m/g

Generally regarded as very good 4th liners:

Thornton(36) 1.1 M 45gp 7 p +1 8:06 m/g

Moen(31) 1.85M 45gp 6p -4 11:39 m/g

Cromdeen(28) 1.15M 44gp 8 p +4 11:06 m/g

Comparable to Weise in age and salary but more effective 4th liners IMO:

Reaves(26) 600K 43gp 6 p +3 7:06 m/g

Nolan(24) 700K 44gp 6p -5 8:28 m/g

Clune(26) *850K 47gp 9p +3 9:23 m/g (*salary for this season is 537.5K but just signed ext. worth 850K per year)

Comparable to Weise in age and salary and skill IMO:

Rinaldo(23) 750K 32gp 5p -7 8:22 m/g

Desjardins(26) 750K 42gp 3p -6 10:07 m/g

Vitale (27) 550K 37gp 5p -7 9:31 m/g

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I certainly hope not, the last time he played C with any regularity was in 2009-2010 and even then only took 391 draws or 8.7% of the teams total draws. He won 48% of those draws which is worse than Lappy's 51% over the last 2 years where he took aprox. 14% of the draws. I think Richardson will be a winger on the 4th over Sestito with a bit of spot duty as C. Lappy wasn't resigned because I dont think MG wanted to pay his 4th C 1.1M or he felt that Lappy's character didn't fit with the team. That said I wish we were going into this season with him as our 4C knowing he can play wing or 3C in a pinch.

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I think Richardson said in the interview that the team was bringing him here to play center because that's where he is most comfortable. Assuming you're right for a second though, who do you think will be our 4C going into next season? Just curious.

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That's good, but he is a forth line player. The forth line is not a punishment it should be the most consistent line during the season. If a coach wants to shuffle, use the top 9.

One thing we lacked during AV's entire time in van was 4th line consistency cause he used it as a dungeon

Put guys on the forth line that are happy to be on the 4th.

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